Zoom Launches New Ad Campaign

Zoom is back with their latest ad campaign and it’s called “Revealed.” This time around they’ve taken it up a notch by introducing a reality show-style campaign featuring their four celebrities: Zendaya, Kat Von D, Jessica Alba, and Justin Timberlake. The good people at Zoom decided to team up these celebrities into four separate teams and give each of them different tasks to perform throughout the season. The result is four ads that are equal parts funny and exciting, while also bringing something new to the world of advertising.

The new ad campaign follows a similar formula as their other campaigns, which is to first have an interesting promo that whets the appetite, then have a series of ads that further solidify that intrigue. The first of these ads features Zendaya as the reluctant star, looking ragged and exhausted after an exhausting day at the office. She lounges on a couch in a denim jacket, surrounded by a group of her coworkers who look like they could use a massage right now. Justin Timberlake’s character, Donny Hathaway, sits across from her, ready to give her some good old-fashioned advice. Kat Von D and Jessica Alba’s characters are fast-paced, thrillers.

These two girls team up to try and get the man of the hour to commit. Donny has to deal with the pressure of getting the job, while Kat manages to keep herself motivated amidst all the action. In the background we see Justin Timberlake’s character getting ready to take on the world and it looks as though he’s about to do so in this ad. It’s a subtle bit of foreshadowing that will definitely pay off later on in the campaign, as the girls all become major players in their own right.

As expected, this new ad campaign centers more on the four celebrities than the actual four models that have been placed in the campaign. Jessica Alba is getting the campaign off to a great start after her first performance in this film. The other three girls in the group have either had a ton of success or they are simply following in her footsteps. These girls include Vanessa Williams, Nicole Richie, and Vanessa Hudgens.

The premise of the new ad campaign revolves around the question: what if you could make a lot of money doing something that you enjoy? What if you could get paid doing something you love? This is a good premise to start with because this is where most people will fall in love with them. What makes the ZOOM platform different, however, is that they throw this concept into the mix with absolutely no warning. Instead of this being an ad for a well-known company, it’s a single spot for an up-and-coming solo artist.

This new ad campaign is perfect for those who are simply looking to break into the marketplace. It allows them to place themselves in the starring role, and they can also choose the songs that will play during their performance. This gives them the best of both worlds, and they are sure to get their fair share of viewers.

One thing to keep in mind when looking at these ads is that many are supported through Google AdSense. Because of this, they may not be the most highly targeted ads out there. However, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t some of the most highly targeted options out there. For example, you will find that many of these are supported by text-based advertising. However, many of them are supported by images as well, so your options are pretty much unlimited when it comes to placement and the type of ads that you’re going to see.

Whether you’re a solo artist or someone who wants to take their career to the next level, it’s important to get out there and promote yourself and your music. You can do this through a simple online campaign like this, but if you really want to get the exposure and the results that you need, you should consider using an AdWords campaign to get your music heard on a broader scale. With a quality ad campaign, you can be sure that you will be able to make the kind of impact that you’re looking for.

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