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# Zero Risk Option Strategy

# Live Profit Video For Intrday

# अगर आप Job करते है तो ये Strategy सिर्फ आप के लिए है || Nifty 2700 Points Range Option Strategy ||

# Perfect Signal For Value Investment || ये chart setting कोई नही बताएगा आप को Professional Trader बने

# Reward 55000 : Risk 4700 || Minimum Loss Option Strategy For Working People || Option Hedging ||

# 1500 Points Nifty Range ! Risk free Option Strategy ! Full Detailed Video
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1500 Points Nifty Range ! Risk free Option Strategy ! Full Detailed Video
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Trading strategies
Intraday trading
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Last 11 Years Stock

WE WOULD like to remind our readers of the research findings we had published a few weeks back showing that for a large number of the last 10 years stock prices have shown an uptrend between November and February. The analysis had shown that if investors bought stocks at the low of November prices and sold in February, then they were almost certain to make gains. Like most statistical research, these conclusions too were based on empirical data and carried a small margin of error in the form of an exceptional year.

Growth Stock Investing

Growth stock investing is a typical way to long term investing. When we hear the phrase “stock market”, we might think of shares being traded every day. But trading in stock market is different from growth stock investing. In trading, traders only take advantage of the stock’s price fluctuation. Normally, a trader buys a stock at a lower price and sells at a higher one.

How to Trade Stocks – Technical Vs Fundamental Analysis

Trading stocks is not something that every one of us is capable of doing without losing money at first. Just like anything else, it requires experience.

3 Important Things To Know Before Starting Stock Trading

Do you want to start a stock trading investment by yourself? But worried that you would lose money? Check these 3 important advices to avoid mistakes.

All About Trading Penny Stocks

Penny stocks, also known as cent stocks are those that trade for less than $1 per share. These are usually shares of small companies. People may opt for trading because these shares are inexpensive and affordable as the starting value is set to not be more than $5.

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