Yive Video Builder Review 2022 (Discount Available)

Yive Video Builder Review

Yive video builder review, with additional updates on its additional features, which allows you to do amazon, affiliate marketing with youtube, and it also has a feature in which you can create videos from just by entering a simple keyword. This features would allow you to take your video marketing to another level, because it’s totally automated it has done for your voice over. It supports multiple languages, and the best part is that you can set a campaign and it will keep creating videos for you now. The more videos you have in a particular niche, the better authenticity your channel gets. That means the more you upload videos on the same niche on the same topic, you get the more attention from youtube.

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Algorithm youtube just loves the channels that have details on a specific niche, and that would help you to rank on youtube with your videos, and the best part is that for all of these, you don’t need to pay any recurring charges as well. Now previously, i had created a video where i had suggested life video builder as a perfect alternative to vietnamese. That is going to go away on the 20th of august. Now, if you are not aware what vietnamese is or rather vietnamese, then it was a tool that used to create videos from a script now yaif. Does that perfectly?

I have an entire video dedicated to that, because there are a lot of people who used to use vietnamese, including myself, and i was desperately looking for an alternative to vietnamese and that’s where i came across life and its features literally blew me away. The best part is that i have bought it for myself and, as always, i do only put up reviews of tools that i use on my business personally and if i go over to my billings, let me show you that i have bought this during this special Deal that they are offering at a one-time price, as you can see over here, and it’s not long before i bought it, i bought it on the 28th of july. That means approximately a week ago. Now they are running a special deal. I didn’t want to miss out on that, so that’s why i bought it as soon as i saw this offer because generally it’s on a monthly subscription plan, but during this offer they are offering it at a one-time prank and that’s why i didn’t want to miss It out now, if you don’t want to miss that out, then check the link in the description and in this video we will limit ourselves to the two kind of videos that i was talking about.

Number one is the amazon, affiliate, marketing type of videos and number two is the keyword based video that you can do via this same tool. Now on the description, you can find a total video on how it can replace vietnamese. For that you need to use this spin tax video. However, i’m not going to go through that in this video, because i have a dedicated video for that. If you wish to check out how it can serve as a vietnamese alternative, then please look to the link below in the description.

You can find a video from me where i have shown you how exactly life video builder can replace vietnamese [ Music ] hey. So let me show you how you can create your amazon, affiliate marketing videos using live video builders. So, first of all, you need to go over to campaigns and then you need to click on new campaign and then from here you can give it a name say, for example, i’m giving it laptops now. But this naming hardly matters, because this is just for your reference purpose. Then you need to select amazon, just click on here and let it be selected and then you just go over here and click on next step now this might not be visible because of my camera, but right on the right hand, side bottom corner.

You can find a blue button called next step where you need to click now that will take you to this screen over here and you can select your region of amazon marketing like say, for example, if you are doing for uk, you can go for amazon.com uk. If you are going for amazon.com, you can do that if you are going to do it with amazon.in, you can do that.

That’S up to you! So let us keep it as amazon.com and then you have got two options. Number one is, you can filter products via their as seen numbers or you can filter them via keywords, as well now to take you through this tab. Let me go over to my amazon account over here.

As you can see now you can just select any keyword say just start typing over here and you can find all the keywords that are frequently searched with the word laptop. As you can see, hd laptops. Are there laptop backpacks? Are there dell laptops? Are there lenovo laptops?

Are there say i am searching for laptop under you can see. Amazon is suggesting me the top search term. So this is the easiest way of making a keyword research. Now there are detailed ways as well. So for that, you can check out my other video on amazon affiliate marketing and that will give you a deep insight on how to do a greater keyword research, but for this example, we are going to focus on this easier way.

So let us assume that we are going to go for this. That is the laptop under 200. So if we search that, then we can find that all of these products have been fetched. So what we want to do now is that we will copy this keyword over here and go over to youtube and in here let us put this on a search and click on search now to analyze this on youtube. You need a chrome extension that is free of charge, which is called vid iq.

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As you can see, i have got it installed over here so from here you can find the volume and the competition for the keyword as well. So we have done a little analysis and found out a keyword for which the overall score is medium. That means you can rank on this keyword, and the best part is that all the search results here have a good amount of money in them. That means whenever you make a sale, you are going to make a big fat commission out of it, which is quite good. So let us copy this keyword now and let’s dive back to yive and in here you can just paste this keyword.

You can paste multiple keywords as well, just separated by comma, but for this example, let us focus on this single keyword and just click on search now. The best part here you can see is that it pages products with four or five star reviews. Only that means it has to be a good product. Once this is done, you can find all the different products that it has listed over here. So you can see.

All of them are quite good products and all of them have good ratings. So once it is done, you can select or deselect any one of them by checking or unchecking over here. So that’s up to you. If you find something has come up which you don’t want to show, then you can just uncheck that that’s up to you again and once done you can just click on save and go to next step now in here. What it will ask to you is that how many slides it want to make for each video, so you can keep it somewhere between 10 to 20, slides, maybe and then for each slide.

You want a duration of five to maybe 15 seconds. Again, that’s up to you how you want to do that and once done, you can add a background music to it as well, or you can just go over and add a voiceover or you can add a voiceover with background music. That’S up to you! I would recommend the voiceover with background music, because that appears a little more soothing. So let us select this and then you have got the option to select your voice, it can be voiced from amazon poly or it can be voiced from google as well.

Then you have the choice of language, as i told you, it supports multi languages. That means you can create multilingual videos from this tool as well, which means you can penetrate regions where language is a big barrier to you, that’s amazing stuff to have. Then you can select the actor on whom you want to do the voice over, so you can just play the sample and check if it sounds good or you can change the voice over as well. So that’s up to you and at last you want to add a outro text which in general, is click the link in the description, because you want to put your affiliate link in the description and then all that you need to do here is just click. On save and go to next step, then, on the next step you can distribute the video over to your youtube, but for that you need to subscribe to a monthly plan.

If you want everything to be automated, that means you don’t even need to log into your youtube studio. Then you can select this. But again i don’t recommend totally automating things because youtube can catch hold of you, so it’s better to create the video and then upload them manually so that it’s looks natural to youtube. Then you can select the number of videos that you want to make per day. Now let me tell you, i have selected 9 products right now.

If i select five videos per day, that means it will create five different videos for each video. It will select a different products. That means on one day you are able to cover five different products. That’S quite amazing stuff to have then once the entire number of products are completed, the campaign will stop automatically and then you just need to activate the campaign and click on save campaign, and you can see that the campaign has been saved. All that you need to do here is go over to actions and click on run.

Now now, while this campaign is running, let me show you a little settings that you can create in order that everything happens automatically so go over to this integrations over here. As you can see, just click over the integration and then you can find amazon over here. Just click on that, and in here you just need to put up your amazon associate id now i have already put up mine. It will happen. Is that once the video is ready, the affiliate link for that video would also be created automatically for you, you don’t even need to go over to your amazon associate panel to retrieve the link.

That’S how cool this software is. Now, let’s go over to the videos and check if the video is running and you can see it is being rendering 100 is complete, so let us wait and oh, it has been created, so you can see how fast things are now just click over here and Click on view, and if you scroll down here, you can find all the description is written over here. Then, if you go over here there is your amazon link and you can see it comes with my associate id already embedded. That means, if anybody clicks this, i am going to get a commission. How cool is that, then?

If you scroll a little down over here, you can see that the video has been created. Now. All that you need to do is download this video and copy. This link and then upload it to youtube and on the description, have this link? That’S it that’s literally it now remember: we have created a campaign which will create five videos per day.

That means you are going to get five videos on autopilot. You just need to upload that on youtube at a definite interval, don’t upload everything at once, because that can be a little harmful to your channel. With that being said, let’s check out the quality of the video just click on play here now you might not be able to hear the sound, i’m not sure if i have turned on my desktop volume or not, but anyway you can check the quality. It looks quite good, it has scraped the images, it has script, the description and it has nice animations. Everything is there about it.

Now, if you want to edit the videos you can do that as well. I have a detailed video on how to edit each and every step using live. You can find it in the description below nowhere. I just want to just show you how to do that. You just click on edit, and here you go.

The editor has opened up now. You can go ahead and change the images, the videos, the write-ups, anything that you wish to that’s how powerful this tool is, and if you can imagine, you can put out number of videos on youtube on the same niche like best laptops under 700, best laptops under 500 best laptops under 200 and so on in a regular interval. Then you are bound to get a rank in the long term. This won’t happen overnight, but it will definitely happen with time. So that’s how cool this tool is and that’s how helpful it can be in your amazon, affiliate marketing with youtube now.

I really hope that you have enjoyed this case study and it’s a really really good tool, and i do really recommend this tool now, if you don’t want to miss out on this tool on its one time price, then please check the link in the description that Will take you to my life, bonus page, which should look like this, and in here you can find all of my bonuses and all of the details regarding live video builder as well. Now, if you wish to pick it up at a one time price and get all my bonuses, all that you need to do is scroll down on my bonus page and go over to any of these red buttons. Let me show you: there are a ton of bonuses, so it’s taking a lot of time to go down here. You are so you can click on any of these red buttons to go over to the y sales page and from there you can get hold of your live video builder at a one time price, and all your bonuses would be directly delivered to your inbox. You just need to send us an email on our email id or on our facebook page.

The link to both of them are down in the description, so you can just let us know that you have purchased it via our link alongside the purchase receipt, and you will get all of the bonuses which are advertised in this live review. Bonus page for free of charge delivered directly into your inbox. So with that being said now it’s time for me to show you another important feature that it has, which is the keyword to video campaign, so again just go over to campaigns and click on new campaign, and this time let us name it as keyword demo and We just need to click on this keyword and then we can go here and click on next step, and in here we can enter a keyword like how to start amazon affiliate marketing. So just for example, just i wanted to show you how cool it is now. Next step, you need to select the domain, that is, the google Com or google.

google.al, whatever you wish to, then you need to select the country and then you can also have the filter words, which you don’t want to appear on your videos or on your blog. So once you have filled that up just click on save and go to next step, and in here you can again decide the slides per video and the duration per side. That is again up to you, i’m not going to play around with that, because i just wanted to show you how easy it is to create again, you can choose your audio, you can choose background music, you can choose voiceover, you can choose your actors over here And then you can have your output text, it can be anything that you wish to generally. It’S please subscribe.

So again, it’s up to you whatever you wish to you can add that and then you can just click on, save and go to next step, and in here you need to provide the number of videos per day. So let us put it to and let me put the campaign status as active now. If you have noticed, then i didn’t even require to put in a script. I just entered a keyword and i just set up all the settings and that’s it now you i can click on save campaign and, as you can see, the campaign has been saved so again just go over here and click on run now so we’ll meet once The campaign is completed and you can see that the two videos have been created and just let me show you all. The laptops related videos have been created as well.

You can see eight minutes ago five minutes ago, seven minutes ago, nine minutes ago and eight minutes ago. So the five laptop related video on that campaign has been created in less than 10 minutes amazing stuff, and alongside that, i have been also able to generate these two videos as well. Now let me show you a quick thing about this, so just click over here and go over to view, and you can see that this is the title of the video that it has been created. Then you can just go over here and you can find the script as well now, if i click on show mo, you can see that it’s quite a good script that it has written. Now, if you go through this script, you can find that it’s a nicely written script.

That has everything in order it has punctuation marks. It makes sense as well. It’S not that have a certainly written thing. So what you can do is that from this you can copy the script and paste it on your blogs. You can copy the script and paste it on coda.

You can copy this and use it on reddit. You can use it with the social media accounts as well, so the opportunities are endless. You can understand that and then you can see that it has got a nice looking thumbnail. Everything is done for you and then you can just click through this and you can find that it looks good and the contents are quite good as well. I’Ve gone through them and it’s quite good for an automated created video.

So you can just imagine that you can keep uploading these videos on a niche and you can generate massive followers on social media. Youtube quora reddit, wherever you wish to you, can have traffic to your blogs via this as well, and all it literally takes is a couple of minutes to create more than 510 videos. So it’s an amazing tool to have I’m literally blown away by the features that it has now. I have only covered three features till now. One is the vietnamese replacement feature.

That is the script to video feature. Then i have covered the amazon affiliate marketing feature and then i have covered the keyword to video feature apart from these three features, it has multiple other features as well, which i will keep you updated on, as i use more of them on my business. So you can find here you can create videos from rs speeds. You can create videos from a specific URL. You can use your own videos and have those text overlays on them with animation, which makes it look even better again.

If you really wish to pick up this amazing tool, then please don’t delete delay because it can go into that monthly subscription plan any time again, if you want to check all of my bonuses, just go down on the description of this video and click. The link to my bonus page over to my bonus page, which looks like this and in here you can find all these bonuses that i have in store for you and you are going to get all of these absolutely delivered to your inbox free of charge. There’S nothing extra that you need to pay and all that you need to do again. Just click on any of these red buttons go over to yikes sales page, make the payment and grab yourself this amazing tool. Then you need to just email us on our email.

Id which is here or you can find it in the description or just get in touch on our facebook page with your purchase receipt, and we will provide all of those bonuses to you directly over your inbox with that being said, i really hope that you have Enjoyed this live video builder review with additional updates. If you have, then please help me with alike, and let me know on the comment section if you have got any questions regarding any part of this ui video below review with. That being said, it’s your good friend cheyenne bidding goodbye until we meet again on the next video stay, safe, stay, healthy, take care of yourself and your families signing off shine from nk academy.

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