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Today I am very excited as I bring you a very review, Powerful product known as GIF. Another word: Atomic full form: ( -4-4-6-5 ), Your instant video. Now he is what I am now. I Masked Video Production, Video Marketing Platform It Fully Automatically. You Just Go Put The Number In Your Keywords, The Video You Want And Put It In.

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Yes, I Made It From There. It Makes 200 300 500 Thousand Videos And, Through All It Automatically Uploaded to your channels. ( 7-8-8-5 ) Visited it Purpose Now guys for me. Yes, my life has changed 7. I have used a lot of platforms.

Content Samurai, I have used Glass Suits, Suits. I have used video boards. These are all very good products, no doubt about it, but no one gave this leverage ( -4-4-6-5 ). If I gave this idea, I would ( 7-8-8-5 ) post all the rights content B. I can make one or two videos per day using.

I need to post 1020 videos per day and there are almost the same quality plus three different types of pictures that ( -4-4-6-5 ). You can create one with its text, overlays pitch Speech and other music with 3rd music. You can use text to speech as well as text overlay and your videos make it a fantastic product, and if it is something that you click on, it will open it stay with me till the end. I will go to the members area of my accou t I’ll, show you how I do it I’ll explain it to you separately. ( 7-8-8-5 ) Product features, and I will also show you, the bonuses created to help you have a handful of your online presence for this purpose.

There are a total of 24 bonuses. Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. The betting platform that your business success is right now is the ownership earnings that show the earnings he has. The owner’s name has just been created, Marcus Card, Her product or sales advertising, her products online. In fact, she still made her product.

She ( for 4-6-5 ) marketing for her daughter and for herself ( -4-4-6-5 ), but in the end, when she possibly Realizing the product he introduced the first term last year, ( -4-4-8-5 ) of IPO 1 0 and then, a few months later, he shut it down completely ( -4-4-6-3 ). There is ( -4-4-8-5 ), so bold need or need it to show a bigger impact in the market. Then he released Hype 3.0 somewhere in March or April of this year, and always since this product has been a fantasy, never seen it before my whole In Career Philosophy and ( -4-4-6-201 ). I am spending time with the latest circuit ( -4-4-6-2018 ) Week.

Now we are yours and if I’ve never seen anything like OK, so now here is the proof of income that is being displayed. Ok, these are the videos. Now, how is she actually OK? I will use youtube. ( 7-8-8-5 ) make it great.

Video Fields Are Actually What You Do Now. As You Know, YouTube is the number two search engine in the world and it is the best source of free, organic traffic. Google and is available. Youtube is OK if you know how to earn Spend Money. The kind of ads you are going to get are the organic traffic to your product 24 by 7.

Yive review banner

So this is the type of video. This is Amazon Product Video, So Create Commission Articles. You Can Produce Product Now Create Video Articles. The Powerful Feature Of The Important Part: This Is You Amazon. You can create products, Review videos, It’s great You’ve just got your Amazon ID 7.

You’Ve got your keyword, sorted Products and you guessed it Whether you just want to promote Nick on camera. Nikon, Camera keyword is entered in the slot members area, that is required and it will search for you and give you all Nikon areas available on Amazon. The most important part here is that it will create reviews from only four points. You Five to five stars, get reviews for a specific product and text that customers give revolutions Revolution must be at least 150 words. Customs must be at least four points.

Five ( 7-8-8-5 ) Five stars will select them The products that these reviews will do Create. Reviews using text customers as well as its moments, will create images that will use it. If you use the product, then create the product from scratch and complete the review. Ok, This is very powerful and you can do whatever you can at a given time. The number of products you can find on Amazon is as many as thirty to forty videos for sorting The cream.

Video for Lay is OK and you can push the cross fuel channels. I For myself I have created about 20-25 channels for Amazon alone and I create a promotion almost every day on average in post, ( -4-4-6-5 ) per 40 value 50 videos in three days, so it’s very powerful and you can just imagine the traffic you got Every video can start to get phi2 Create videos. You can create articles, Informative videos, You can set up Li Su videos, and now I will explain to you a brief description of what Key 3.0 wants Autopilot 24 By 7 365 Days. Video, For You Makes It A Powerful, Absolutely Right.

Video Makes RSS Feeds For You I’ll, Explain To You This Expensive Or ( 7-8-8-5 ). If You Have Any Correct B, But now RSS feeds are used. Basically, wherever you are posting any kind of blog every day you can take RSS and yes, ( 7-8-8-5 ) sert, your blog feed feed. You are making videos from your posts for your blog and only you other. There is nothing you can do.

Available on the Internet and blogs ( 7-8-8-5 ), You can create RSS feeds Video and your approved promotion Products through these buildings. Ok, Many cubes or URLs for video Create many keywords for you Create Video URL. It’S Amazing, OK, Create Video For Amazon Reviews, Create Video For Multiple Languages. Show You Scripts, We Pr duce A Script For You C eate, A Unique Video From Your wn Video. If You Have Your Own Video Who You A e, You can create multiple videos.

The video gives you this incredible advice. Ok, now, what can you do with TI? It is very important. Drives Traffic Promotions Promotes Traffic to My eCommerce Products, Drives Traffic to Your AdSense Blocks, Crime Traffic. To Your Website.

You Flip the Website You Can Try. Traffic Go Call Leads for Pay, Paid Traffic, Lead for Generation Sites, Drive Traffic to Client Websites, Dominate My Language, YouTube Gravity Generates. You. Will authority Listing Email, Clients of YouTube Channels Forever? Ok, Now Inspiration, It Works 24 Set Each Other Seven Once and Just Forget About It.

Yes, will automatically generate production from your keywords or your content, that is there. You have to fix your own place. Give the number of videos you want. The videos will show you twenty-four Use any software to personally upload those videos to your channel. This product is here to automatically upload your videos to your channel or not self-pilot From one to five.

It uploads hundreds of videos by all of you, ( 24-8-8-5 ) to seven by 24 channels. Campanile Production in less than two minutes: Hundreds of productions, No video editing skills required Automated Final uploads E-reporting, Multiple cabinets run Once you’re limited by number. If you add channels you have ten (, 7-8-8 ), -5 ) Channels. You Can Create Ten Ten Twenty Billion. If You Have One Hundred Channels, If You Have One, You Can Clear Hundreds Of Videos, One Thousand Channels You Can Create Thousands Of Videos So Guide.

This Ability To Create Larger Videos, Internet And space-wide promotion to get it for free on your channels will scare the organic traffic to your food offer. Maybe local marketing offers maybe own product Earn. Yes, Yes, I Give You Multiple Possibilities: Earnings, OK, Distribute videos in the same campaign, Use keyword, tags across people to charge. You Automatically use URL, You spin tax tags, but I Privacy Explain to you when I visit members, ( 7-8- ) 8-5 ) Region Automatically selects high quality videos to use your fuel eyes and resources Automatically use your own Accessibility. Two third options are automatically converted to Texas Speech With our controlling decisions: ( 7-8-8-5 ).

Your links are ranked by the table in minutes. It’S very strong I’ve personally seen all of this. I have to separate my data. The page is ranked ( -4 — 4-6-5 ), Google, 95 %. I prove it to you.

95 % of our videos are recorded on the first page of Google and ranking in the first five to six slots. When I go, I will prove you Sweet videos, url videos, keywords, video articles, videos, create videos and all videos automatically create amazon. The products will be made any editor. You have a couple of wills, you (, 7-8-8-5 ) can edit, whatever you want videos and most of all, basically here The important thing that I have to show you when I go to the members ( 4-6-5 ) area. Is that you can make very beautiful curls Upload?

The pre-roll means that, if you are familiar with the YouTube ad, However, similar ads can add 15 30-second ads to your videos in specific promotions, and once you create those ads, your video will pop up at the beginning of the video and how to show it to Your viewers is powerful. You will not spend money on youtube ads. Yours automatically, Creating an ad to show in your video. If you’ve got about 200 promotional videos for a specific product, think about the 200 videos you’ve created to promote weight loss products and each product is one of your own. Imagine ( 7-4-8-5 ) and this little product.

Keto Diet is also a weight loss product. So you can see you can kill two birds with one stone. You can create a weight, loss, video, multiple weight loss, videos and you have a pre -Roll ads that promote another product. So you (, 7-4-8-5 ). You can have multiple.

You can have promotion Promotion, OK, 4-6-5, ) Process, training, video works to teach you how to use it eye strain picking is good and strategy. Video teaches you how to make money, because the video is ok and they ( -4-4-8-5 ). Also put you on Facebook Gives access to their power episode. Bubutik, basically Group, the group that you call it too Selected people Only ( 7-8-8-5 ) Customers are allowed to be part of the bull pen, ( ( -4-6-5 ) days. It will share their strategies and there Group and Marcus’s results Scott There’s another Facebook Capola that teaches you different techniques and ways to make more money with OK.

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These are the kind of videos you can do with ID. Ok, OK I’ll make it. When I go Physically show this video to members, OK, side by side and ( -4 — 4-6-201 ) ), Let’s go into testing mode! It’S OK.: Let’s testify OK.

You’re right. You’Re boop Janet’s folks go down. First watch the game until you’re, my husband, you twist giro link, ok, percy-matte-delay, delay and one month all this access. All this video link. Ok now per bonus advanced strategy device example, video review, video driving strategy number three Video Sales Source Bonus – YouTube Marketing Course Will Dominate Premium YouTube Marketing.

This Code Is Basically The Passion I Used Properly How To Find Six, How To Create A YouTube Channel. Monetize A YouTube Channel How To Rank Your Channel The best videos in this channel Animate the background, A tear with the developer. Writing is a royalty-free, high-quality music loop in You need to collect from scratch. One Hundred Days Start Coup Spy, Marketer, Joan Armstrong, Riser, Affiliate Marketing Course. Another Post Originally Approved From Art, Flair, CPA, Sign Project, Complete CB Marketing Course.

Ok, I used this course. I got great results. It is a fault in itself, CPA Marketing. Then you got Freelance Marketing-Video Course: You Got an Instagram Marketing Course. You Got Commission Bot Because The Social Robot Out Of It All four of these isolated questions, billet our top forces.

Another super affiliate created by is OK but video marketing, blueprint, video marketing excellence, youtube marketing hat and how to optimize your video. These are all video courses that are going to help you get your video marketing right. How to do video. We will teach you how to market your video Efforts to improve marketing are OK, Love Portal Fusion. This is another one.

This is another car I have used, but Piggyc resources are three-step profit machine and Fire Income II, ( -4-4-6-201 ). It was also created by Jason Force. Fulton is another super affiliate. Ok again, I will give you these 24. Once you buy bonus, authorized link.

Buy me my ( 7-8-8-5 ) purchase proof receipt, email id and I will send you the link of these bonuses immediately, so that you use, Can it and help you with your business. Ok, now, let’s go to members area. I will try to log in my members area. Remember it please, you have the right fbi behind it. Ne dashboard, My account.

My name is the day I can take you to one ( 7-8-8-5. ) Short member area looks different. ( -4-4-6-201 ). The power of the Promotions. Tab will now be there.

( -4-4-8-5 ) Two Listing Campaigns for Promotions. This Promotion Show Number Promotions are created and you can be sure ( 7-4-8-5 ) Create OK Check because of this promotion Who still draws it. Promotion Number Promotion, Name, Type, Amazon, Delivery, Auto Upload It Miss Promotion, Says You’re Using Automated Authentic Function, Active Progress. Now Promotion Cap has more than thirty one already they are. Seventy Created ( -4-4-6-5 ) Video, Seventy Video, OK, It’s Own That Continues Operating And There’s Action.

Tab Bridge, Where You Can Do All The Steps You Want Us To Do, Promotion You Got We. Ideally You Want To Delete. The clone reappears Go to the upload. If you are not happy with the quality of the video you can do it now. Ok, Go to Promotions and see how it comes out.

I come out of it that I have promoted Rated for drones. You can see Promotions, Name Tons to tag it Tags for campaign drones. Okay, ok, now give me 13 videos per promotion and upload break is tea. After him uploaded my 30 minute video channel now i have 22 channels nominated danger for amazon product (, 7-4-6 ) -5 ) Reviews only so I use these channels only upload Amazon, product reviews, ok, production, gene thief – probably got me about 35 50 videos so busy very Few people upload 30 videos related to my channels. It is a Description Tag it and now, let’s see this Video, OK, My Tissue, Video David As usual, I am trying to do it as soon as possible, but OK, OK!

Now it is open. (, -4, –, 4-6-5. ) Various sorting programs – Ok, ok! Now it’s in a campaign tent for camping, because all the videos that already contained the etiquette but weren’t included. ( -4 — 4-6-201 ) have been created.

This one you today, you you so you you, oh ok, all these uploaded videos are already ok. I try to show you this promotional video now. Ok, that i have chosen short short. Ok. This is a tt 5 or 6 % of the product.

The title and the main company is the name of this promotion. Is it Amazon link? Is it my channel Name: youtube: Keep your title: It’S okay, Let’s learn! First, I will show you the video How it sounds. I just used the text and the music I did not use, which takes a speech.

There are three types of videos You can create with the help of text only And if the text is there NVA level and basically explains it, the product is very good. Ok, let’s see what is the quality of the video Switch? Ok then watch for yourself. The videos are made High Definition, OK, Images. You can see that the quality of the video is so good Come now.

Let us see the ranking, Let us see the ranking, which is a very important aspect of the 6th aspect. It is 90 in the first 95 % of our videos point after creation. Let us see the page Slides should load well. Today I should re-campaign. It is known as Tower Friends.

Yes, it’s my captain name, it’s kappa title. It’S my amazon link. It’S my ( -4 –, 4-6-5 ) youtube channel name, it’s ok! Now you hit every arrow here. Ok, google finance.

Tell me what you do incredibly powerful. No video The editor is OK to give you this kind of result. You’Re here The first position is OK.. Let’S see if this is OK.

Amazon has fixed the team and ( -4-4-6-5 ). Here is how strong the 100th position for the first result is. As I said again, I repeat: 95 % of my videos have ranking on the first page of google. It is incredible, I mean it. Basically, every video marketer wants this unheard of thing.

The most important thing is that he wants it: ( wants-4-6-5, ), The videos ranked on the first page will be all right, so I have just shown the results. 8-8-5. ). All the other information from the other side of the eye area is right here. The magic is right now you can create nine different types of campaigns.

Ok, no ( 7 — 4-6-5 ) sort of campaigns that you can create. First Amazon. I just showed the Amazon product review. Then you have credit keyboard keyboard review. You can rate videos from keywords you just put in a keyword and oh yes, i automatically create a reward.

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If you have ten keywords: Do ( 7-8-8-5 ) Ten videos, If you have 50 keywords, then there will be fifty and fifty fifty ( ( -4-6-5 ). Videos of those keywords are fine, Create Multiple Videos for URL Expenses, Sixth, More Power Over Other URLs RSS Feeds or Videos. Now, If You Have a Blog Use, Your Own Talk and You’re Posting a Fee Here, Posting to Deputies, You Can Just Take Your Log RSS Feed. It will automatically create videos from any feed. I make The ones you are creating are right on your watch.

Now, if you don’t have one you can use the block, You can use the RSS feed directory. No RSS feed Put it in GI Will automatically create from these feeds. Ok now auto dialer and general phone video remix last added last week, so I have not yet brought the back parts of this particular part. ( 7-4-6-5 ) video. It is running, but you can watch these vintage videos.

You can create multiple video mass videos, basically used to create your description and a script, script, video image and video clip using a video, and you can spin that description. You can create an article in multiple articles, you submit it Multiple of multiple articles and I will make videos in these multiple articles. Articles are OK, so if you have a fee, you can convert them to 50 articles and a very strong promotion tag, because I ( 7 — 4-6-201 ) ). Just you right You, and so now it is OK channels. I am going here My account.

These are my accounts. Google Account Related channels are already connected. What are the accounts? I am not OK, It shows your channel account and how it shows it here now where it shows. You Created a number of bits of videos from one to another.

The videos you have created so far on your channel are OK and use the status rights. You can either delete it from either YouTube or you can see it here. There are a lot of live video streams that have been created by you. These channels are new. Only about a few hours ago, Loaded five minutes ago, 30 minutes ago, One hour, One hour Back, So that they take some time: ( 7 –, 4-6-5 ) to get feedback and videos after the activity after getting the section is now ok.

This is a strong feature. Yes, it is basically nothing ( 7-4-8-5 ). It is on any other platform, Wherever you are ( 7-4-8-5 ), which is just the end. So what happens when you create new ones such as your risk, Gmail accounts and the Gmail accounts? You create the channels they link to are completely raw and new, so you can get started No channels.

Uploading videos to channels is OK right now, so Google didn’t allow them. Really banned and shutter shut down a channel. So what does this body of mine do once you open? Your account see once the account is basically any permanent season? Yes, I do.

The account automatically starts posting content for you, ( -4-4-6-201 ) on your Gmail account and makes it look more human. Basically, Google understands what has happened, See some activity is going on in this account. So after two days you upload your own. You can start your channel videos so that you delete your videos at risk of losing your channels. Ok, so watch this video by accounting in these accounts.

My channels are here and already I have nine activities running (. -4-4-6-5 ). Ninety days, Nine Days, Nine Days Nine Days, ( -4 –, 4-6-201 ) ) I’ve been using notifications for notice days. This channel is still my own cause, so you can see the seizure axis. This is a completely automated saying.

Automated platform is ok, and by doing this you don’t have everything automatically. My Amazon products will have 22 channels become video, and I have created 30 channels for my health and wellness. I am in the process of adding videos individually for more terms, make money online for channels and do different things. ( -4-4-6-5 ) Problem. I have now got 52 channels.

I am only using the videos that I am going to ( -4- 4-6-5 ) Create more truth. Here More channels are created for you, You can read more videos to upload More actions. You are getting reviews. You will be used case by case Customers. Ok, Now YouTube has grouped you to create your groups from channels.

Ok, I’ve got two groups of health and fitness over 30 channels. Suppose you make a capital Fitness, you cut that and just click for this group intersection and yes, I will automatically post a video on it. One video at a time Differential given time difference in a channel so far, ( -4-4-6-5 ) half an hour according to the channel, so every half hour it will post a video on one of the channels. Ok, this is very shocking. Tishali uses this number to download videos.

Yive review banner