Yive Software Review 2022 (Plus Promo Offer)

Yive software review

Yive 4.0 review now. Yive stands for your instant video empire and it has launched the 4 version. Now, as you can see, i am a user of Yive for a long time, and if you can see here, i have created more than 800 plus videos 816 to be exact and uh. The best part is that this can create videos from anything literally. So let me show you the kind of power it has. If i go over to the campaigns and if i click on new campaign, you can see that i can create videos for amazon now in case of creating videos for amazon.

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I just need to provide my amazon affiliate id and i just need to choose the niche of the product in which i want to promote. It will go ahead and automatically create videos. For me, that’s a great thing to have. Secondly, it can create videos from rss feed. That means, if you have a blog, then you can convert that into a video streaming channel very easily.

You just need to provide the feed, it will go ahead and it will transcribe the blog and it will create the videos for you. It will give voice over for you. Everything is automatically done for you, that’s quite cool. It even goes ahead and creates videos from simple keywords, say: weight loss, so it will go ahead and create videos for you. Now.

When i talk about videos, i don’t mean one or two videos you can set campaign in the lowest plan. It has, i think, 3. 000 videos per month that means 100 videos a day which is quite exceptional. That means, if you target five niches, you can go ahead and create 20 videos per niche per day. So you can just imagine the kind of power that you can have the next one that it has is the auto dealer now.

This is very specific. This is related to auto dealer videos. That is a comparative kind of videos for different, auto dealers. But again, this is something which is very, very specific. So i’m not talking about this.

Let me talk about this one spin, tax, video. This is by far the most powerful thing that i’ve come across, because what it does is that it allows you to enter a script, and it will turn that script into videos. Now it will use stock images and stock videos, which would be copyright free, definitely, and it gives voice over to those scripts as well. The best part you can go ahead and edit those videos as well in a later part, if you wish to otherwise it goes ahead and produces those videos seamlessly for you. It can also use your own videos.

You can use it to add text overlays. You can use it to add, call to actions. You can use it to add emphasis to different points, anything that you wish to write and again it can create videos from multiple url or a specific url as well. It can create videos from a list of articles as well. So that’s the kind of power that live has.

If i go over to videos, let me show you the kind of videos it produces. So if i go over to video, you can see that it creates videos two hours ago four days ago, five days ago. So all of these happens in autopilot right six days ago, one week ago and if i scroll down you can see there are many many videos now for each of the video. I can just go ahead and download this video. I can use it in my facebook.

I can use it in my youtube. I can use it on my instagram. I can use it wherever i wish to, because it allows you to create videos for instagram as well. That is vertical videos you can create with this video builder. So that’s quite cool.

Now i can also go ahead and edit those created videos. Now if, for instance, i don’t like a part of some video, i can go ahead and edit it using the simple editor. So i’ll show you the entire video creation process and at that time, i’ll show you how to edit as well so right now, i’m more interested in kind of showing you the power that it has. So these are the kind of videos that you can produce and uh. Let me just show you a video that i have produced.

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So if i go over to this video and let me make it full screen – and let us play this, do you want to make 100k per year? All of these is done from a script. I’Ll show you the script as well, don’t worry and uh. You can hear the voice 10 hours per week and all you need is 25 to get started. You can see hd quality video has been rendered so quite amazing right so, which makes it more sense right to the viewers.

I don’t want to play it anymore. Anyways. You can see that it’s a nice little video that it creates and this kind of videos you can creep creating on autopilot. So that’s the feature that it has, but previously it had a monthly plan that you need to enroll in in order to directly upload them to youtube. Now, if i go over to the live pricing, you can see that it was charged at 47 a month or 470 a year now the kind of feature that you got.

Let me show you that as well. You can create videos from rss, as i told you from keywords from single url, multiple url. You could create amazon product review videos, you can create article videos full video, editor, you get the text to speech option as well. You get background music, you get text overlay, you get pre-roll video ad option, you get spin tax option. This allows you to create videos from a script.

Like vietnam used to do right. Then you get the spin option. You get the custom thumbnail option. You can export campaign reports, you can have 24 7 integrated support. You have youtube account, seasoning, that’s unlimited and then you have google account limit of 500 accounts, and then you have stream machine account limit of 500 accounts again and the monthly video limit.

As i told you was 3 000, that means 100 videos per day, which is more than enough now in a special offer. It has gone for a one-time pricing. The pricing is 497, yes, but for this kind of tool, if you are getting it at a one time price, this is something that should be interesting to you like uh this. This can change the whole game right and you can see here. You are getting all the same features over here, but you are going to get it for a one-time price that also, in the same price, that you need to pay for one year now the rest of the coming years becomes free right.

So that’s a great thing, but the upper plants don’t have any one time option as of now. But with that being said, this plant is on a one-time price, but only for the next couple of days, because i got a mail from marcus curt. Who is the owner of – and this is a limited time opportunity that he has given to all the divers who are already in vive to get hold of this at a one-time price. So if you are checking this out after the 48 hours, then probably it’s gone and probably you are not going to be lucky enough to grab this at a one-time price again. But if you are lucky enough and if the offer is still going on, i would suggest that you can grab this, because this is something that i use regularly in my business and also many other people who are dominating youtube are using this for their own purposes.

Now with that being said, if you do decide to grab this, then i have decided to give you an insane bonus bundle as well to check out all of my bonuses, just click on the link in the description below that will take you to my live review. Page, it should look like this, and in here you can get all the different details that it has like it creates and uploads videos in autopilot. For you, it creates videos 24, 7. 365. It create videos from rss feeds, it creates video from any keywords.

It creates videos from articles, it creates videos from a specific url or multiple url as well. It creates videos for amazon reviews, it creates videos in multiple languages. It creates videos from your own script, as i have told you a replacement of vietnamese, which was a monthly tool. I am. I was using it for months several years in fact, and then uh.

It creates unique videos from the script for you. It creates unique videos from one of your own videos, so these are the kind of capabilities that it has and then this is how you are going to be benefited, so you can just go through. All of these everything is written on my bonus page. You can scroll through that and you can also check out my special bonuses. Now.

These are custom bonuses. That means these are not going to be available via anybody else’s link, but that being said, i am going to give you video maker pro that helps. You dominate local business need by producing videos for local business. Then i have got new access to tube traffic machine pro that helps you to drive more traffic to your youtube videos. Then i am giving you access to newsmaker pro, which is an automated new site builder, and you can build it for your clients as well.

That’S a great thing to have, then i am going to give you high tickets iphone. I am going to give you cloud content free writer. I am going to give you profit maximizer, instant traffic. Mastery yt rank analyzer 100 internet marketing software with resell rights. I am going to give you quantum commissions, wp affiliate, suite, i’m going to give you commission shortcut.

Take it pro agency business in a box model, i’m going to give you wp funnel builder, which creates funnels for you, i’m going to give you 57 for your local marketing websites as well. Now i am also going to give you wp member builder pro, which creates membership sites for you. I am going to give you viral video, which can actually create videos for you again. Then you are going to get vidmas on. Then you are going to get post viper and there are tons of bonuses now remember all of these bonuses are software, and all of these are related to make money online, so you can use it on your business depending on which purpose you are using it.

But these are all different software on traffic on content generation on crypto on there are bonuses on news sites. Everything is covered in there are bonuses on e-commerce as well, so everything i have tried to cover you up so that it can be useful to you now. You can go through this bonus page at your own time to check out how premium quality all my bonuses are. With that being said again, please feel free to check out what other people are offering, because i am quite sure that none would be even close to what i have offered on my bonuses with that being said again, all my bonuses are custom bonuses. That means these are not going to be available via anybody else’s link.

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Now it’s time for us to check out how exactly you can create videos using live so i’ll. Give you a short demo over here, but remember on my bonus. There’S a detailed training by me on how you can create videos, edit videos, publish them as your own and everything about it. So don’t worry at all. Let’S dive inside of vive now to see how easy it is to create videos using i 4 0, so here we are inside the dashboard and i’ll create one video that also from a script so that i can show you the power it has.

So let me give it a name say: script demo and then let me click on spin text, video and let me just click on next step. Now let me do one thing: let me reposition my camera first so that nothing hides from you. It’S all set down. The camera has been repositioned now here. It asks for different keywords, so let it be make money online right and if you are using any assets, then you can enter the asset keyword as well.

Let it be the same that is, make money online. Now you could use multiple keywords as well separating by comma i’m not using this. Currently then, in the script section you can write the script. What it will do is that it will translate each of the lines into a slide right i’ll show. You don’t worry so in here.

You need to give it a title say demo and you can also add intro and outro text. What that will do is that that will append the intro and the outro at the start and end of the video to make it unique as well. You can change the colors of them as well. So, let’s go to the next step, and in here you can control the number of slides that you want say. For example, you want your videos from five slides to ten slides, maybe right so you can adjust that accordingly, then, you can also adjust the durations per slide, say the duration.

You want from four to ten, depending on the kind of contents that are in the slide right then, depending on the number of sites and the duration per slide. This will be determined. That is, since i have selected 10 slides of 10 seconds each. That means a maximum of 100 seconds so one to two minutes: that’s how it comes right and then you can also add this add animated text overlay on the video. If you wish to disable it, you can do that as well.

Then you can go for audio type on the audio type. You can have only background music or only voiceover or a voiceover. With a background music i’ll choose that, then you can choose the voiceover engine like you can have microsoft azure you can have amazon poly or you can have google device, whichever voice seems more suitable for you. You can use that there is no restriction to that. Then you can see there are a ton of languages that it supports.

That means you can penetrate any international market. With this, which is quite awesome, then you can also find the actor. There are many actors, so you can select any of them. You can even test out the sample by clicking on here right then, once done, you just need to click on save and go to next step now in this distribution, as you can see, if you are upgrading to the lifetime deal, that is the yi 4.0 lifetime Deal then you can find this enable that means you can auto upload these videos, which is quite awesome things to have the next one, is the number of videos per day that it will produce and the total number of videos that it would produce for the campaign.

Now, if the total number of videos be 100 say, for example, and if you are limiting this to five videos a day, that means it will go ahead and create videos for 20 days, 20 cross 5 that becomes 100 right now, since this is a demo video. So i don’t want it to produce unlimited videos. I just want to video produce only one video right and then i will check this like render automatically. And then, if i click on save campaign, you will see that the campaign will be saved right and you can see the activation is no right, so i just need to go over here and click on activate. This will activate the campaign say, for example, if you had set for 100 videos, then from right now it will go ahead and create 100 videos, but i’m more kind of interested in running it now.

So i can just click on run now and it will actually run the campaign for us, so within a few seconds we’ll get our videos rendered. So that’s how easy it is and once your video has been rendered, you can just go over to these videos and, as you can see, i’ve gone over to these videos and in here you can see that the content has been generated. So the status you can see it will shortly be transformed into created and once it is created you can just go over here and you can download the video now. One thing that i want to show you is how you can edit videos. So for that you can select any video and click on edit.

This will actually go ahead and open up the editor, as you can see over here from here, you can change the dimension. If you want to square video, you can do that. If you want vertical videos, you can do that and if you want landscape videos, you can do that as well. So that’s up to you, you can go ahead and change the template as well, and then, if you want to change the content of slide, you just need to go over to the slides, and in here you can see here is the asset. So in the asset you can just go ahead and search for anything, say: money, weight, loss whatever it is, and you can see the videos from here and you can change the videos over here as well.

You can change the text overlay position. If you want don’t want the text overlay, you can just take it off if you want the text overlay back. What you can do is that here from here, i think you are getting able to see it. So just click on text overlay and it will be back right. You can change the position input.

The text overlay appears and you can also go ahead and add transitions to it as well. So that’s quite cool. You can even go ahead and upload your own voice records. If you wish to that is right, and this kind of everything is kind of editable. You can see you can edit the background music and at the end of the edition, once everything is done, you can just go ahead and save the changes, and once you have saved the changes you can just render the video.

Let me show you that as well. You just need to click here and click on render now, so that’s it. So i really hope that you have enjoyed this little yai 4.0 review. If you have please help me with the like and whenever you are watching this video, please do one favor to yourself.

Go down on the description link of this video click, the link to my bonus page from there. As i already shown you, you can scroll down to find all the different features that you 4.0 has and all my bonuses as well and then you can click on any of these red buttons to go ahead to the ai 4.0 lifetime deal. This is the lifetime deal page now.

If this is available, then only you are going to see this, and once you are seeing this, you can click on this option. To get you the y 4 0, at a one time, price now remember, don’t be late, because this is a very, very time limited offer, and this can go anytime soon. So i really hope that you have enjoyed this gi 4.0 review and if you have again, please help me with the like, and if this is the first time you are watching this channel or watching me then go ahead and subscribe to this channel so that you Get notified whenever i go online or i present you. Some deals just like this, which can help you to make more money online, so meet again, pretty soon somewhere over the internet.

Until then, please take care of yourself and your families and don’t forget to keep rocking, keep rolling and keep making money online. Signing off is your good friend, shan from nk academy take care bye,

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