Yive 3.0 Training (MUST SEE)

Yive 3.0 Training

I will be presenting you with a re-release of a very popular app called Yive. This is Yive version 3. I’ve been waiting for this for months, I’ve been in beta for the past 2 months. The improvements are amazing. What you can do is incredible. There is nothing like this. I have used or seen anywhere. This is the sales page .

Yive review banner

… .Watch the video .

. .. A little bit about pricing, ..

, .. .Here are some sample income reports ..

..Telling you why you should use YouTube. It’S the number 2 search engine, ..

Etc. gives you all the features, I wrote a great review, .. ..

.I checked out the features, how I use them and how you should use them. …

.. Released on Monday, the 13th 4PM UK time 11AM EST …

Like I said you said it would be a limited cycle. Once the servers reach their first launch capacity, they will probably shut it down. Just some screenshots of …

.. The dashboard …

.. .The price of this version has changed now. Last time it was in one go .

., ..But now because it’s more of a big package, ..

…, it keeps On your accounts, it’s all cloud, constant updates, ..

…, .the price should reflect that, so it’s going to be a monthly rate.

… ..

It’S $ 47.00 a month or $ 470 for a year, … .

This is for the starter package: .. …

you have the Professional package and the Enterprise package .. …

Every pack is identical, they all have the maximum features. ….

The difference is the account limits and monthly video limits.. I was just talking about the point of Yive, so it’s for serious people, …

.., These are many different ways. You can use Yive to drive traffic to your sites. This is what I use the most making money from amazon videos.

.. you can dominate any niche …

… all kinds of different uses: ..

… there are 5 main products, ..

… Video types: Sorry, Amazon, product videos, RSS videos, keyword, videos, videos from URLs and Spintax videos, ..

.., When you go to set up a campaign, you get these options to choose. ..

.., the type of video you want to make – I mainly use Amazon, video, …

… and RSS feed I’ve started using URL videos and Spintax videos..

… just reviewing how to use Amazon, how to set it up. .

… How I use for RSS and keyword, videos, ..

.., .There are many integrations ..

..I, don’t really use it Twilio I don’t use it. Amazon is just your tags. I don’t need your API key.

The system has everything included. … .

. bits I don’t use to shorten links, I don’t use SyndLab or SyndWire AWS for backup .. ..

, you can use it to backup video files to an AWS cluster .. …

A few other special features I like languages, (, translation, ), …, ..

Y, u can translate text Compile ( description tags ) into multiple languages to be uploaded with your videos, … ..

o those wondering about sellouts and OTOs for a change. There is none, just choose your package level and that’s it. .. .

., you don’t need proxies, because the system has built-in local proxies .. ..

, it’s not cheap datacentre proxies .. …

Your accounts will be secure and (. The system ) will be maintained in the long run. …

.That is … .

The main feature of the major release and why Yive was dropped last year, … ..

because people were losing their accounts and they weren’t taking care of their accounts. Properly.. ..

previously Yive was just entering uploads videos and logs off, but now .. …

You can humanize and season accounts … ..

So the system will log into the account it will check emails, check news search, Google .. .. and if you enable stacking, the properties will be shared, among other accounts that are stacked from other users.

… ..

, you will also be able to watch other people’s videos and you will get It might look like a real account. .. ..

.so, the chances of your account being suspended are very remote. …

.. Lower..If, that’s true, It just shows you a dashboard clip .

Yive review banner

of the accounts, you can switch spices and stacks at any time. … .

. support. There is a nice little support system where tickets are enabled from within the app itself. ..

… – and there are more than 20 videos – ( tutorials ) ..

… Includes basic setup and ..

.. .What I like are the strategy, videos and use case examples where Marcus goes through how to use Yive properly and actually make money. .

. ..There is no point in spending money if you are not making money. .

. …, I’m talking here why?

I think this is the # 1 tool for getting.. …

I’ve got quite a few different tools to do different things, but none of them do like Yive .. …

Don’T just create videos, you upload them change languages, text-to-speech, fetch the same content, … ..

.Manage accounts there’s a lot more in just one app .. ..

– and there are two bonuses, if you buy from any of the links on my page, … ..

, you can choose between 2 YouTube accounts of old or 4 new ones, .. …

I will put them in a spreadsheet, so you can Imported directly into Yive. .. ..

A Old accounts are a bit older accounts and usually last a bit longer than modern accounts. … .

.New accounts are better because you get more and also you can spice them up from within Yive … .

I will also send you these video courses, … ..

all about marketing and about youtube .. …

send me an email via the contact page and then I will reply to you. .. ..

Ok, let me show you the program: … ..

This is one of my accounts: … ..

I can block ( blur ) some of these … ..

video titles or campaigns.. …

but erm .. …

It’S been used on and off for a few videos: … ..

This is one Just started yesterday from the feed from the WHO RSS feed on Covid-19 … ..

ot, a topic that I really want to make my channel about, but what it does is it adds videos to your channel and you tune into 1-2 videos per day. .. ..

and if you are constantly adding videos to your channel, you will get more authority and may get a few clicks. .. ..

, I was really surprised because I set this up yesterday. .. ..

And went to have a look today.., Let me bring up the other screen. ..

…, I put it in Google the next address jig, that’s where I got it..

This was the source … ..

And I’m number 6 or something this is my video there 12 hours ago, … ..

the video was rated almost instantly and it’s is good. … .

., let me find the other.. ..

.and: this is the video … .

On youtube itself: … ..

.And already got a comment: maybe a bot comment, but it doesn’t matter the number of comments. …

.., so I have one point of view and I have a comment: …

… this adds to the authority of the channel ..

… and you’ll give it a nice little boost, and this is a whole new channel. .

… Let me come back, This is how I setup the feed ..

.., you need the feed URL, just search Google for …

… WHO RSS feeds, I found the XML feed. I connected it to the system.

.. .., just let me show you .

… So you go to campaigns: ..

, .., A new campaign just call it a test: …

.., an RSS feed, …

Yive review banner

…, what you want is you can get the url of an rss feed. Let me see if i can find one quickly.

…, ok i’ll show you the feed. Let me find it quickly: it’s this .

… I just google, the rss feed Click on Top News, ..

.. You can get this URL …

.. Paste it in Yive …

…, You can add professional videos, even if you sell ads ..

… or if you Want to promote a different service, you can add a pre-roll video If you want to make the video a little longer, the limit is 8 minutes. You don’t really need 8 minutes, it’s just about promoting your channel.

This is not supposed to be a source of information. … .

, you can have … Average is setup 15-20 slides per video ..

.And, the duration for each slide is set to 7-10 seconds. …

..You can just drag it to make it longer or shorter …

… these videos – they will be roughly 2-4 minutes, ..

… .now, that’s debatable.

Some people use it all the time and some don’t I used it last year: … ..

.This text to speech it worked, I remember a few amazon sales … But some channels were blocked, so I guess you should mix it up.

… ..

.If, you want Really run this campaign ( with text-to-speech ) … .

, you can do one campaign with two videos with text-to-speech … ..

, do the same campaign and repeat and run it without text-to-speech .. .., you can only have audio as music.

Only .. …

You must have music, because if you are making multiple videos, it will select different backing track for each video, … ..

It also makes the video unique and special ( helpful ) If you use different channels, … ..

f, you want text to speech, you can do … ..

, Amazon, Poly and Google Voice .. …

.they have a lot of language options: … .

So you can From targeting different markets. Yes, quite a few. What do I usually use? I think I usually use Matthew ..

.., you can add intro text and you can add colored background text to it. ..

…, so this is..

… the final screen ..

… What you can do is, If you just want to do a trial campaign, you can leave the distribution on. None just make one video .

. .., .The campaign is automatically shown and activated, so the campaign will start .

.. ..It will create the video, but it won’t be uploaded to any channels.

… ..

will just leave it for you to see or you can create multiple videos. You can upload them manually. .. .

., because once the video is created, you have the option to download it. .. .

. Let’S just set the auto upload choose your channel and you may Blur some out … .

.And then, if you’re doing multiple videos, you can set the intervals, so you can upload one video every 2 hours up to 120 minutes, … .

That’S important tags, … ..

, So I think they recommend adding at least seven tags. .. ..

to the content, .. …

You can enter a description, … ..

If you want to put an affiliate URL, but it’s better not to do these types of clips Video, these are filler videos to get you hooked on YouTube.. .., .

nd the resource link, I think maybe you should add it so that people know where the content came from … ..

nd, this is the translation of languages just check all it will automatically translate to all of them. … .

. the title and descriptions.. ..

and it will be downloaded – I don’t use SyndLab or Syndwire, so it doesn’t bother me … ..

Apply automatically campaign status, yes, ready, save …, ..

.Forgot to add tags, you get an idea anyway. That’S how you set up an RSS campaign. I’M going to make some other videos to show you how to set up other campaigns. This was just a quick example: .

. …, the video is already over 12 minutes long.

So that’s the end of that … ..

Yive review banner

.and, let me see maybe I’ll blur some These, but .. ..

To add channels, you can add them one by one: just click on add channels: … ..

You put … ..

you enter your Gmail username password and recovery email And the phone number, and you don’t necessarily need one if you’ve set it up. … .

. correctly using the verification system, then you can or put any numbers here Spice up or humanize accounts. As you say here, .. .

. Will read and check emails? Google Docs link, embed blah blah lots of good stuff …

.. Stacking will use other accounts to create threaded documents And it shows more “ humanization” of the accounts so for now …

..This is the status update. Now the system is offline. The Google accounts .

. … the system is not online, you can add the accounts, but it won’t.

It does this process until .. …

the system is back online. .. ..

As you can see here, all these different systems involved … ..

Well, let me go through the control panel … ..

the campaign sorry campaign, where you set up your campaigns: … ..

amazon keyword, Spintax, multiple URLs, RSS feed, specific URL and your video .. …

the stack is, where you add your accounts or you can throw A look at uploaded, YouTube videos, spice accounts and YouTube groups. … .

Groups are a great way to get a lot of exposure to a particular show or location … ..

.So Marcus the developer, suggested You add, 50 or 100 channels to one group, … .

You can blast 100-200 videos for that group, and this way you can take control of your YouTube. Videos will show you a list of your videos.. ..

title status see created, created, not uploading, just created .. …

This uploaded … ..

See Duration, they all differ. … .

Type of campaign keyword, whether uploaded This is a feature I don’t use ( yet ) check You registered with Twilio. You can buy a number from them. .. .

. Or multiple numbers – … .

And all over the world UK USA everywhere … ..

– and they will add the number to your account, So you can automatically check your Gmail accounts. … .

. I make mine or buy mine anyway, .. ..

.Amazon … .

Integration is just the tags I use from my Amazon Associates, account.. …

Add, as many as you want and from any store ( Amazon ) around the world, … ..

.Bit, I don’t use, but you can authenticate your account and create short links automatically … .

I, don’t use SyndLab or SyndWire, but this is for … ..

end or promote your content on other sites, … ..

AWS S3 backup I haven’t set this up yet, but you can backup videos to your S3 pool .. …

if you want to keep Its .. …

The support system is integrated, it is tickets, …, ..

… well lessons ..

… This is a comprehensive tutorial. Video .

. .. These are the comprehensive tutorial videos, sorry ..

..So Marcus goes through it all …

… focuses a lot on preparing your campaign in advance, not just ..

… put the trash, then the trash comes out. .

… It’S important to watch this video ..

.. And it explains why the title is important, why the content is important and how to get the best out of the system. ..

Sorry I have a dry throat today: … ..

his is the Spintax video example … ..

goes through the combos, which is important because some people get nervous .. …

.they think I lost my YouTube account. You’Ve lost hundreds of accounts, it happens, …

.., .Sometimes accounts are treated like garbage until you lose them. .

. ..And, that’s why this new system, ..

…, you will keep the accounts, you can keep them for longer and the last longer so I hope you don’t lose it, but it happens. .

… well..

…, I think, he’s added more since I last watched them ..

.. Going through all kinds of different campaigns – …

.. .Status and integration..

.. .And, that’s really good. I love this strategy.

Videos, … ..

o, it explains how to properly use the system to make money … ..

, there is no point in paying money for something and you don’t really benefit from it. .. ..

..export, you can export your .. .

. Campaigns as reports, so if you do this for clients, you can make quick reports like spreadsheets and PDFs … .

.And only send it to your clients, … .

So that they are not … ..

Yive v3 .. …

this is the latest and best system. .. ..

I’M really excited to start using it. … .

I used it and turned it off in beta, but not ready to launch all systems It’s online and looks really good. Please click any of the blue links here or the button at the bottom to buy it. …

Yive review banner

… – and I hope you enjoy it, because this is a real game-changer, because it not only makes the videos..

… but it You keep your account, which there is no other program. .

… Anyway, thank you for watching. Thank you.

I forgot to mention in the video I’ve got some video samples to show you … ..

hat, the actual videos look like … ..

, this is for an Amazon product campaign for a gaming chair.. …

.and, I tested it with music, only .. ..

This is the end result. It does not load, you can download it. It is only 7MB …

.. This is the production process, …

.., let me just play part of the video …

…, this Music, only no text, here..

…, so in this case the text will be all in the YouTube description: ..

… .it’s a 2 minute video .

. .. And because there’s a variety of things you can do See what works for your audience and what works on your channels/products ..

… .This one .

. ..The second, one is also for your gaming chair and again ..

… Amazon, product video – This is with ..

let me see … ..

text to speech.. …

well, this is not the best start. .. ..

That’S why you should always double-check your videos and that doesn’t load anyway, … ..

.Give you Asin here you can check it out, for yourself Forgot to mention you can go in and edit videos you can edit clips and change music and stuff. I havent tried it yet, but the last thing I want to show you sorry. I have two more ..

This is for the World Health Organization’s Covid-19, RSS feed, .. …

19 MB 2 minute video, … ..

This is just text on the screen with background music … ..

gain, this is not from Supposed to be nice. It’S just to get you videos, some authority for your channel, … .

. again, tags are imported when you search for assets.. ..

some things are unrelated. .. ..

But you can, You see, it looks beautiful and clear: … ..

.And people are already spending time watching these videos … .

Let me stop this Another one from my other account. Let me just show it .., ..

.well, I tested this out. …

.. This one, I tried randomly …

pet store website, .. ..This is it Scenario .

. …, this is the URL .

… the title of the video ..

… And these are the videos that are created, so this is, if you want to promote a service or a website. This is the 9.

MB video … ..

( playing music ) .. …

( playing music ) .. …

Again, this is just … ..

.Text only … And in the originals keywords I put cats dogs, pets, .

. ..And vets, I think so so he should show these things all kinds of video ( clips, ) ..

… ( music playing ) ..

.., I don’t know what this is.. .

. ( music playing ) .. ..

And these are the kind of videos Yive makes they are watchable videos if you’re keen on the assets.. …

Here I put the pets, Cats, Dogs, Pet Supplies, … ..

If you are keen on assets, you can have nice looking and watchable videos and, most importantly, they will bring you sales and traffic to sites Thanks for watching. Please buy via my page and read my review.

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