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Yive video builder review

Before proceeding any further, I want to let you know a couple of things number one is that I was using vidnami for my business for a long time. If you have watched my channel, you must have seen many videos.

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As you can see, i have locked in vietnamese, and here you can find there are tons of videos that i had created using vietnamese, and all of these have made me some amount of money. That’S the best thing about it. I used to love bitnami because i just needed to insert a script and it would produce a video for me with voiceover as well and perfectly synced voiceover as well. The transitions and the story blocks that were amazing and all of these was done by ai. It required a very little effort, so i could create literally hundreds of videos each day using vietnamese, but everything was going fine and then suddenly i received an email stating that vietnamese has been acquired by godaddy and it would not be available after friday, 20th of august 2021 now i know this kind of sounds very disastrous to you, but that’s the way it is if you are using vietnamese.

If you are a part of vietnamese family, then it’s a shocking news that vietnamese won’t be available after the 20th of august 2021. Now, with that being said from that very day, i was actually looking for some kind of video tool that actually was close to vietnamese. To my surprise, i actually was able to find a tool which was not only close to vietnamese but is better than vietnam. In certain areas, so if you want to know more about that tool, then please stick on with me till the end of this yay. Video will review because i’m going to expose the tool, and i will also show you a demo by the end of which you would be exactly knowing how easy it is to use this brand new video marketing tool and if it suits you or not, and by The way just letting you know that vietnamese was a monthly paid software that you are using or you might have considered using.

That’S why you are watching this video but uh this tool that i am talking about. I have a special plan in which you can get inside this rule at a very, very low one-time price. So if that’s again sounds great to you, then please stick on with me, because i have got you covered with a ton of exclusive custom bonuses as well with that being said now it’s time for us to actually dive inside the tools, but before that, just to Let you know if you’re new to this channel and seeing me for the first time, then i’m shine from inca academy.com and in this channel. I do have regular review videos on different tools and different softwares.

That can help you to make money online or i have tutorials on making money online and, ladies and gentlemen, the tool is live. Video builder, that is, it’s popularly known as your instant video empire, because it’s a mass video generation tool that actually generates videos for you on autopilot. Now, as you can see, i have myself bought this here. You can see hi cheyenne, so so this is my original account and if you go to my billing, then i let me show you that i have bought it at a one time price, as you can see over here, and i will offer you the same subscription Model so that you can get your hands on this tool. The first thing that you need to do over here is go over to campaigns, and in here you can click on new campaign.

Now on vietnamese. What you are able to do is create a video from a script right, but here you can go ahead and do certain different things as well. Like amazon, i’ll show, you don’t worry. I have created a video on an amazon product. I’Ll show you how it does.

It’S very easy: actually, you can just click on amazon and then you can create an amazon campaign which will actually create a review video of amazon products, which you can upload on your youtube channel and link it with your amazon affiliate link to make money from amazon Affiliate marketing as well that can be done with this very tool. That is amazing. Then you can use rss feeds. You can do a keyword based videos, you can provide it with a certain number of keywords and it will create videos for you now. Then there is the auto dealer which creates vehicle related videos.

That means, if you are an auto dealer, then you can use this. Then this is a specific url. That means you can uh have any affiliate product review videos from this. You can just have the sales page of the product and it will create review video for you and then comes the spin tax video. Now this is the exact replacement of vietnamese.

So in this video i will talk about spin tax video, maybe on some other video i’ll try to cover the other options that it had now once you have selected spintax video over here just go here and click on next step. I’M not sure if this is visible or not so here you are now here. You can give the keywords, so i have created a little script on weight loss and here are the keywords that i will focus on. So, just let me paste it over here and then this pre-roll bucket, you don’t need to fill up anything here. What it does is that it will be used as pre-roll, because you can use this on your youtube.

So if there is a premium, then this this assets would be used as pre-roll right then there’s the asset keywords again. Let us fill it with all the keywords that we had and then you need to take this on. That is search with slide text. That means each asset will be related to the text that appears on the slide. This is the ai functionality that will happen.

Then, if you want to fix the assets which should be used on your video, then you need to select this and in here you need to upload all your assets, but i’m not going to do that because i will allow the ai to do the work. For me, next is select assets again. You need to select this automatically choose assets and render then in here you need to provide the script. This is the one that you used to do on vietname right, so just copy this script over here i have written a script already so that i don’t waste your mind time in doing that right now. So all that you need to remember here is that you need to provide a space that is a new line between two set of paragraphs so that they are used in different slides right.

So that’s the way life interprets it it’s all written over here. So you can just go through that, i’m just summarizing the things for you now. If you want life to actually upload it to youtube for you which they do on a monthly plan, there is an option. Then you need to provide all these. That is the video url, the video titles and everything.

So this is not required for your video creation purpose anyways. If you are looking to upload it directly into youtube, then you need to provide this, but this is uh really not required. In our case, i’m just filling it out so that you get to know how it works. Then there’s the info text and the output text that is before the video starts. If you want a particular intro like hey, this is cheyenne from inca academy.

You can do that and then, if you want to make a call out like um check the links in description, you can do that. So that’s pretty amazing stuffs. Then you just need to click on, save and go to next step, and in here you can decide the number of slides that would be created per video. So let me do it from four slides to 20 slides and then durations per slide. Let it be three seconds to 10 seconds, and then here you have the video duration.

Now you can have any kind of video now, since i have 20 slides each of 10 seconds, so that means a maximum of 200 seconds. That’S why it’s coming at four minute. If you actually increase this, you can see the time is increasing, so there is actually no limit to the maximum time it can have, and then you can have this like add animated text as overlay. So if you want the text to be coming as an overlay like uh the subtitles come up, then you need to check this. Otherwise you can uncheck this as well, then there’s the audio option here in you can have the voiceover or the voiceover with background music or the background music.

Only it’s up to you, whatever you want to choose, but i’ll, select, voiceover with background music. Now, on the text to speech, you can choose either google voice or amazon poly. It’S up to you, and here you can see you have multiple language, so it is not going to be a barrier for you remember. Otherwise, you need to pay for a text to speech software, for which you maybe even need to pay monthly, so that is not required at all. Then you can actually choose from any of these voices, i’m just choosing any one of them, and then you can just play this sample to listen to the voice over that it creates.

But that being said, we are fine to go and just click on save and go to next step. And then here you can see the distribution now, since, as i told you, i am subscribed to the 77 one time plan so from here. You can’t directly upload to youtube, but they have plans where you can automatically upload the videos to youtube as well. I’M not going to do that because bitnami never did that and youtube. Also doesn’t love automating those things you can automate the video creation but uploading that should be as natural as possible because otherwise you may land into trouble.

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But that being said, it’s up to you. If you want to do that, if you want to automate things, you can then here in you can select the number of videos that would be created per day. So i am keeping this one, because i am just going to create one video and then herein you can have the total number of videos for the campaign say one videos and per day, and the total number of the videos is five. That means it would run for five days right now. I don’t want that.

I want only one video so i’ll. Keep this one video this with that being said, uh keep these options as it is like render automatically start immediately. If you want to schedule it, you can do that as well. So just click on save campaign and that’s it you can see uh everything has been done, but here the is active is no right. So for this you need to go over to this list campaigns, and here you can see.

I have created one amazon, video like this digital camera, 2021 and then i have created a weight loss tips, and this is the one that i have created right now. So all that you need to do is click on these three dots over here and click on activate and you can see the status has gone to on and then in here you just again click on these three dots and click on run now, and this will Run the campaign for you and if you go over to these videos over here, let me show you now on these videos. You can find this content is being generated now. The next step would be rendering, and once the rendering is done, it would be available like this, like created, so we’ll wait for a couple of minutes until the thing is rendered and will meet once the rendering is completed. Okay, so it has been created and it was very fast as well.

So just you need to click on view, and here it opens up this campaign and if you scroll down, you can find that the video has been created. So i think the sound has been turned off, so let me turn on the sound and let me play this so how to lose weight safe and fast. In this video i will share some tips that can help you get fitter, do not skip breakfast. A sleeping breakfast will not help you lose weight, you can miss out on essential nutrients and you may end up snacking more throughout the day because you feel hungry. I just wanted to show you get more outlets.

Being active is key to losing weight. Now, if you want to edit anything right in vietnam, you used to do that. How you can do that here so for that you just need to go over. On top of this and find an action, so you can see this click here and click on edit. This will actually open up the editor that you used to see in vietnamese.

You can see over here right now. If you want to change anything, you can do that. Let’S, let’s, for example, say you want to change this slide over here. Then just click on here and type weight loss and video is already selected. So you can see it is searching.

So let it refresh here you are so you can use this. This looks fine, so that’s how easy it is. That was exactly how vietnamese used to help. If you want to change any of the writings, you can do that from here as well. It’S up to you, then, if you want to, if you want anything and everything you can do over here, if you want to add a new slide, then also you can do that by clicking over here.

Add new slide. If you want to delete it, you can do that if you want to adjust the timing, you can do that from here as well. If you want to duplicate it, you can do that. So anything and everything is doable. You can change the position of the text as well as with vietnam.

You used to do so anything and everything, as i already told you is doable and pretty easy to do with that being said, just go through this video and check for if all the slides are coming in the right way, if you want to change any of Them like this one, you can say gym and in here you can change it with this one like being more active, so kind of people doing some activities on gm. So it’s fine! It’S up to you. Your imagination is the limit. You can’t do anything and everything with this tool now once done, you can just click over here and click on, save and render, and it will create the video again for you in a couple of minutes and once the video is created, let it be saved.

Okay, once the video is created, you will find the video on this videos tab over here, just go over there and from here any of the video which has been already created. You just need to view and then you’ll find the video right over here and then you can download these videos from in here. So that’s how easy it is to work with, and it’s pretty much like vietnami. I am totally satisfied using this and i would recommend anyone and everyone to pick this up, because this doesn’t require any expertise. It doesn’t require any kind of complex editing or any kind of subscription anywhere.

Moreover, for vietnam, you used to pay a recurring fees, but for this one, if you go down on the description of this video, you will find a link clicking on which you would come over to my custom bonus page for yay. You can see over here, and here in you, can find all the different details of life. You can go through it. There are all the ocean answers and everything over here and then you can see the plants over here as well. Now you can see the dollar 77 plant, which i am subscribed to allows you to create 3 000 videos per month.

That is amazing hundred videos per day. You can just imagine the kind of videos that you can produce, and the best part is that the starter and the enterprise has all the features in common. There is nothing like you are going to be limited in terms of feature which i kind of like about this tool, because otherwise people do keep suppressing important features so that you need to upgrade, but they have done. What is that they have given all the features to all the plan? The only thing that separates the plan is the number of videos that you can do per month.

Again, if you are starting out even like season marketers like me, i think this one is enough. I don’t want you to spend unnecessarily, even though it’s a one-time fee, but also that then also i don’t want you to spend unnecessarily just pick this up uh for 77 bucks one-time fee and it would be a lifetime access that you are going to have now. If you are deciding to pick up life, then why not buy me, because i have given you some insane custom bonuses and you can just go through these bonuses on my bonus page again to check out my bonus page just go down on the description of this Video and click the link to my bonus page from there. You can check all the premium bonus that i have in store for you if you do decide to pick up yf using my link with that being said, all your bonuses would be directly delivered to your inbox. Now all that you need to do to claim my bonuses is just go down on the description of this video and click.

The link to my bonus page and from there scroll down to find any of these red buttons clicking on which you would go over to the live sales page that looks like this, and in here you just need to scroll down. You can go through this stage at your own time. There is a demo, there are testimonials income proofs and everything. So if you wish to, you can go through their sales page and then you need to take action on any of the plans that suits you. My recommendation is: go for the starter one and then once you take this action, all that you need to do is email us with your purchase receipt on our email id.

That is right here or you can find that on the description as well or you can contact us on our facebook page as well. You can also contact us in case if you have any queries regarding any part of this life. Video builder review with that being said, it brings me to an end of this year, video builder review, and i really really really hope that you guys have enjoyed watching this live video builder review. I have worked very hard to actually get something which is close to vietnamese even better than vietnamese, but it really took me a lot of research and hard work to present this tool in front of you. So if that feels good to you, then please help me with the like, because that helps my channel grow and if you want to be updated with this kind of videos every time, then please subscribe to this channel and hit on the bell notification icon so that You never miss out on any upcoming videos that i have on product reviews on reviews on making money online.

With that being said again, we’ll meet again pretty soon somewhere over the internet. Until then, please take care of yourself and your families do take action. Keep rocking keep learning, keep making money online, signing off with sean from and academy take care, bye,

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