Writing Long Form Content Using EXPAND feaure of Closerscopy AI Copywriting Software

The Top AI Copywriting Tools
1. Conversion.ai
2. Article Forge

What’s Next After ShortlyAI Was Acquired By Conversion.ai?

Watch to find out how.

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1. The shocking news
2. What are the reactions
– current users of ShortlyAI
– future users of ShortlyAI
– current users of Conversion.ai
– future users of Conversion.ai
3. Why did Conversion.ai acquire ShortlyAI?
3.1 ShortlyAI has the best freestyle writing feature in the market of GPT-3 based AI writing, especially long form content writing
3.2 “Write for me” command
3.3 Slash commands – the best being the /instruct [command] which you can practically ask GPT-3 AI to write anything for you
4. What’s next for the users looking for an alternative solution to ShortlyAI?
4.1 Continue using ShortlAI (while it lasts)
4.2 Use Conversion.ai (new feattures will be added usign ShortlyAI technology)
4.3 Any other solution outside ShortlyAI or Conversion.ai?
The next best solution is here:
Write Long Form Content Using EXPAND feature of ClosersCopy AI Copywriting Software

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