Write articles with AI — Demo (Thundercontent ⚡️)

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Write articles with AI — Demo (Thundercontent ⚡️) (powered by GPT-3 by OpenAI)

START WRITING ARTICLES NOW: https://thundercontent.com

Hi My Name is Paul, I’m the founder of Thundercontent.

Thundercontent let you write articles on any topic with an AI-assistant.

Let me show you how Thundercontent works.

Go to Thundercontent.com

Create a new article or edit one.Set the brain of the AI. By managing the creativity and the length generated.

Start typing in your own language, we manage more than 12 languages: English, American, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese Brazilian,, Dutch, German, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese!

With Thundercontent you just have to type your article like in your favorite text editors.

When you need help just press tab or click on the generate button.

And voila your personal AI-assistant will write for you, no matter what topic you want to talk about.

No more blank page syndrome whether you are a good editor or a beginner.

You have the satisfaction of writing on your own without having to subcontract this task (it will be faster and cheaper too!).

What more could you ask for?

When you want to have your article proofread by a colleague or publish your article you can export it in the format of your choice in PDF, Txt, markdown and even in HTML to be ready to be posted on your blog or website.

Also, you can translate your article into more than 12 languages. You only have to write once.

Don’t have an article idea? No problem your ai-assistant will propose unique ideas.

And of course, all your content will be unique content!

There is no limit to writing, you want to write just one paragraph is possible, you want to write a book it’s possible too! And always on any topic and in any language! 🙂

Start Writing your next article today on thundercontent.com

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