When an AI Robot Writes a Children’s Book

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We’re back with Dr. Bill Barry and Maria Bot to chat about their new book, Robot Ranger and the great work the duo have done over the course of the pandemic.

But first– yes, Maria Bot actually co-authored this book! Surprisingly, it was even her idea to write a story in the first place.

And of course, we’ll be chatting with Maria Bot herself, where she’ll tell us about the strides she’s making intelligently, the book, and even crack a few jokes for us. You may even witness a brand new story being written right before your eyes.

To learn more about Robot Ranger and to snag a copy, visit:

Paperback or eBook Kindle: Prime members receive by the holiday

Apple Books:

Autographed copies ( 5 day delivery) and an economical PDF without the the advanced features of Kindle or Apple Books (only $1.99): robotparkranger.com

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