What is inside a Septic Tank? (Plus the BEST Septic Tank Treatment)

what is inside a septic tank? A septic tank is a tank that holds wastewater from a building’s plumbing and drains it into a sewage system. The tank is usually located underground, but it can also be on the roof of a building, or even in an above-ground location.

What is inside a septic tank?

Inside a septic tank, there are three basic components: the tank itself, the drain field, and the leach field. The leach field is where all of the solids from the tank fall into and it also contains bacteria that break down any organic material in the waste water. The drain field allows for any excess liquid to be drained out of the septic tank as well as for any remaining solid particles that have not been broken down by bacteria in the leach field.

Inside the septic tank, there are several layers of different types of material that help to remove the wastewater from the water. There are two main types of material: solids and liquids. Solids are collected by a sludge layer at the bottom of the tank, while liquids flow through an outlet pipe to enter into the sewage system.