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Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] Hello everyone happy Thursday November 17th my name is Joanne I am the Marketing manager here with legendary Marketer and I’m so excited to guest Host today while Dave is out for the Week and speaking of our CEO Just for the next go in the comments go Spam the group it is Mr David Sharp’s Birthday today so definitely go wish Dave a happy birthday Um I hope he’s enjoying it with his Family his loved ones and all of that Good stuff and then he will be back with Us next week since he’s out for his Birthday week this week Anyways without further Ado I am so Excited to bring you our next guest Today Um he I believe he’s in the UK coming to Us but we can confirm that so everyone Join me and welcome James to the show How’s it going well I am in the UK that Is true Awesome I love sunny sunny UK oh it’s Sunny there I am sitting in uh 15 Degrees right now so it’s a nice day I think I think we’re about three Degrees and it’s raining so it’s pretty Much as you expect the UK to be really Okay yep stereotypical As It Gets yeah

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Sadly Hey awesome all right so share with all Of us let’s go back to the beginning I Know you’ve been in the online space for Quite some time How did you first even jump in I believe It was Drop Shipping is where you Started Um but let’s regardless how you even Jumped into started getting into that Yeah so Uh it’s probably about 10 years back now Um I got into kind of e-commerce so most Of that before I even got into kind of Um into Drop Shipping kind of got into Wholesale things Um when I was at University Um it’s kind of what you guys are Probably called college so kind of 19 20 21 age Um Wanted a way of kind of funding Obviously the university lifestyle a Little bit Um so I got into kind of buying bulk Packages wholesale from China Um shipping them into kind of my University house at the time Which wasn’t very big Um boxes everywhere Um got into doing that quite a lot but It’s quite a small margin Quite a stressful kind of Thing waiting for these things kind of

Coming from China and you’re walking Around boxes all day long right yeah Your house turned into a warehouse Full of it yeah my my housemates were Never happy Um boxes everywhere Um so I did that for I did it for quite A while Um I did it for a good few kind of years Of doing it so it’s about two three Years of doing it Um got to the point where I I didn’t Have the room for it um I started buying Up Other people’s stores on eBay so I used To wait for other people who were doing Something similar maybe not being as Profitable as or as good Um I’d buy up their stuff from eBay when They were selling it kind of selling it For cheap Um which was again strange kind of I Just had all these Parcels appearing all The time Um I moved back to my parents after University and I had no room at all Um so I had to find a different way of Still doing what I wanted to do But not buying all of these kind of Packages and things from from eBay Um and about that time kind of Drop Shipping just started becoming this Thing it was like a it only just started Kind of really appearing no one had

Really really spoken about it at the Time Um and I was really into kind of doing Um phone cases and like phone Accessories Um so that was the big kind of Market at The time Um but obviously that moves quickly Every six months every year there’s a New phone people kind of slowly get rid Of their old stuff so you’re always Constantly buying in stock Which can quite quickly go out of kind Of fashion quite as say like within Months sometimes weeks I buy stuff it’d Be weeks and um Drop Shipping kind of Just went hang on a minute you can sell The latest stuff you don’t need to hold It Um and we’ll do all the kind of the Headache for you Um but at the time it wasn’t very kind Of very good uh Shopify hadn’t really Brought their things in there was Nothing that really really did it it was All done by spreadsheets and me emailing People every night going hi I’ve got These 100 orders or 50 orders here are All the addresses here’s the money It was It was a headache a lot of work a lot of Room for air too I would assume yeah so You you had a lot of issues especially With again phone cases can be differing

Of quality some of them can be brilliant Some of the print quality can be Shocking again if you think back eight Years some of it is just atrocious you Look at it just like it just starts Flaking off and you’re oh oh no I’m Gonna get a refund I can feel it right Um so yeah I did that for I think I did Drop Shipping for about three years I Think wow that’s a little bit longer Actually Um valid kind of in differing kind of Ability some of it kind of bigger than Others Um I ran again Shopify kind of started Getting into it so I started running Shopify stores Um and then there’s another business as Well that started doing it so I just Started kind of picking up there Um their things and just started running Them and building these kind of these Different stores in a way Um but yeah it came with a lot of Headaches and other transitions or the Refunds and customer support like you’re The customer support agent you’re the You’re everything you’re everything yeah The biggest myth with Um is Drop Shipping that it’s just hands Off Easiest thing to pie you don’t have to Do anything you just wait someone to Give you some money you go buy the other

Thing you pocket the difference Happy Days you can go dance in your garden or You can go and see in a hammock Somewhere Um but it’s not it’s the reality of it Isn’t isn’t that easy Um right again a lot of time really low Quality products at times if you get Really bad suppliers Customer support you’re constantly Talking to customers going I’m really Sorry I’ll send you another one out oh It’s not here yet it takes four weeks to Get here we told you it takes you four Weeks but you think it’s Amazon’s it’s Going to arrive tomorrow right it’s it Was it was a headache it was fun but it Was it was a headache and then they won A refund before they even got it because It’s shipping They won’t send another one they won’t Send their family and friends one each All of their Christmas cards they want So they want everything I yeah all kinds Of crazy things and the thing is you’d Be out of pocket as well so you’d be Buying like when I got into kind of the Bigger items which were more expensive Kind of like you’re spending 100 150 Kind of pounds so 200 on some of these Things 250 Um if it takes two three weeks some of Them people would refund it or request The refund which then gets taken out of

Your account or put on hold waiting for That item to arrive you usually most of The time most of the payment processes Would still pay you if you could prove It arrived but sometimes you’d have big Blocks of money sitting there that you Needed to fulfill the next orders right That couldn’t be taken or couldn’t be Used so yeah you’re sitting there with Potentially thousands of dollars worth Of kind of money that you can’t touch You really need to touch you can’t grow Your site which is the other kind of big Myth is that everyone’s kind of saying It doesn’t take any money it’s Completely free or you’re using the Other person’s money to fund it’s not Really the case but you don’t get that Money right away it takes a while it Takes 30 days for it to be processed we Can send to you Um it can take up to I think my worst One was nearly six months Um waiting for money Um again people can they can claw it Back off you quickly put it into this Kind of Um kind of on hold status for for months And months and months Um as as it got bigger as I was doing More the headaches were getting bigger And bigger Um the amount of money on hold was Getting bigger and bigger

Um Yeah it was turning into a bit of a A bit of a nightmare I kind of got to That point where I had to make Make the decision of they don’t want to Go all in with it or did I want to kind Of just I’ve had my fun I I like kind of Doing these kind of things I’ve had my Fun with this I’ve learned a lot Um and I can just walk away from it and I can try something new along that kind Of way and yeah I kind of I took that Path to to go down the route of I want To try something new I want to go do Some something that’s I’ve not done Before or I’ve not fully done before Um and would be fun and that’s kind of Where kind of the affiliate kind of the Internet marketing side of things get Into it Um because the Drop Shipping I was also Using Um affiliate marketing on the back end Of it to actually get some of the costs Back from the items you’re buying Um you could use affiliate programs to Kind of claw some of that back in Um Strange World over there but it was It was legal at the time these days it’s A little bit potential you’re not sure If you can usually you can buy it for Sure these days it’s very much so these Days it’s changed changed a lot with Um kind of what links you could use and

Things like that that Um but back again when it kind of first Started you could essentially you’d get Cash back for doing it Um usually kind of five or ten percent For it Um so yeah I kind of just naturally Moved into kind of the internet Marketing side of things instead Um and haven’t looked back since really It’s Nearly nearly six years I think now five Six years wow okay so so we went Through we learned a lot A lot yeah also What were what’s the one thing the two Things that you were so happy to get rid Of when you walked away Uh the money on hold was the big one for Me Um Yeah it was it was it’s stressful just Sitting there looking at the amount that You could potentially not Touch and it’s your money at the end of The day you’ve yeah you’ve earned it Um and to be honest customers as well Um I love customers I talk to hundreds Of people a day these days but They were always always come on the back Foot there were always going to be Slightly annoyed kind of customers They’re not you’re happy they’re not Like your your usual Community kind of

Like you’ve got here where they’re kind Of happy people you’ve come to join you They are people who are annoyed they are They’re the only people who ever email You the people are annoyed there are Different types of customers for sure So you always ends up with you always Knew that if you would so I obviously Had a full-time job I still do Um so I was doing it kind of through a Full-time job so every evening I’d go Sort out all these orders Um I’d sort out the emails and every Time I open my emails I would just have A list of email a whole page of them That I knew were going to be where’s my Item can I have a refund Why have you not got this where’s this And I knew it was going to be an angry Bunch of emails that I would have to go For it just makes you a bit sad really It makes you like mentally prepare for That yeah you’ve you’ve got to Hype Yourself up and go right I’m ready to Ready to read these and on occasion you Would get a nice email that said thanks These are the best things I’ve ever had Or I’ve never been able to find this Item you’ve managed to get it for me Um so you would get a nice one but 90 of The time they’re kind of those people Are it’s e-commerce they’re emailing you Because they have an issue Um and yeah I just it that those two

Were were killers they they really drain You both mentally and kind of Emotionally from it because you’re You’re feeling you’re constantly feeling Down you’re feeling upset you’re feeling Kind of kind of low really and you just Want to be able to go right I I want my Money back and I want to talk to people Who I actually want to talk to I want to Talk to Friendly fun kind of people not Angry people who just want to shout at Me or say horrible things to me for Emails so that’s really the biggest Difference with Affiliate marketing usually the people You’re talking to they’re looking to You’re solving a problem for them so They’re looking at your advice they’re Looking to trust you they’re looking for Your knowledge your expertise Um Whereas in Drop Shipping it’s I bought a phone case from you I didn’t Get it yesterday you failed me what are You gonna do right yeah Environment we’re talking yeah it’s a Completely different Um kind of your your interaction with Essentially your customers you’re still In a way a customer to kind of Affiliates and things though those People they’re looking for advice Um socially I do quite a lot of blogging And things so a lot of those people who

Kind of emailed me these days have read Something I’ve written or they’ve seen Something in like a Facebook group or They’ve seen something on quora or Medium or somewhere that I’ve Thrown something I’ve written somewhere And they’ve gone I want to find out more Information Who can I go to oh the person who wrote It right I’m going to give him a little Email and like yeah I get emails that go I’ve read this can you give me more and They’re in a they’re in that happy about To buy or about to go find out more Information about something they’re in a Happy environment so they’re kind of They’re a much cheerier person to talk To Um nobody mentions that on all these Drop Shipping ads like hey come drop It’s so easy yes the easiest thing Yeah you just someone throws you some Money and you just happen to magically Get a unicorn in their front room for Him yeah it’s It it it’s it has its good parts but a Lot of the bad parts people just don’t They like to kind of skim over it Because the Dropship inside of it is Always sold as this kind of Amazing thing that doesn’t cost you Anything but in reality it can do it There is a cost involved it’s just that People don’t like to talk about it

Um and that’s kind of why I got into the Kind of the the affiliate side of it and The talking about it because I wanted to Kind of show The kind of the flip side to it and go Actually It’s not all kind of rainbows and Unicorns there are downsides to it and I Wanted a Kind of provide that balance and that’s Kind of how I got into the whole kind of I say blogging and kind of all that kind Of thing was to try and right bring a Bit of trust and a bit of balance and a Bit of a bit of honesty to Kind of this whole kind of like online World kind of thing just kind of give That Um say that both sides to that argument Um and I found out that I loved it and Have again haven’t looked back since so So are you mostly blogging now is that How you promote how you get you Share Value that way yeah so Um yeah I kind of I kind of call myself A kind of content creator these days Um so it’s either I try and even do long Form content Um so it’s kind of like articles for my Own sites Um or I do kind of short form so Kind of Facebook Um obviously has blown up in the last Probably about two years so it allows

You to write quite nice short form Content and reach a lot of people Um sites like quora and medium again Huge sites that allow you to write Short or long form content and again for Me kind of read and seen by thousands or Millions of people in some kind of cases So yeah that’s that’s how I got into it I’ve always When I first started I’m I’m fairly Introvert I don’t I don’t do well kind Of talking to people or I never used to And so this is crazy or I never have Thought doing this kind of years ago Um and writing and blogging was my way Of being able to still Market things or Talk about things but not people would Never know it was me so it’s kind of Like my my way of hiding in a way Um I say kind of fast forward a few Years then Facebook kind of blew up and I kind of went actually I’ve got a lot of content I could Probably do short form so I kind of Introduced that as well so I’ve kind of Slowly added that into the mix because It’s a great way of of Um kind of increasing that kind of Number of views and people and things Um but yeah majority of it is is Blogging Um across A few different sites I’ve got a few These days

Um again all kind of targeting different Kind of markets people products all Kinds of things really Okay so tell me are you I want everyone To understand this Your main Content is not video correct Nope so I’ve only just started getting Into Um kind of YouTube things Um but again that’s more of a way just To complement the Articles I’ve already Got it’s just another way for me to Kind of not not regurgitate to kind of Reuse some of that articles to add more Of a a physical or kind of viewable Element to it but no 99.9 of my stuff is is written content Right okay Everyone listening Yes short-term short form video is huge Right now it absolutely is huge but There are a variety of ways to Market There is a variety of ways to reach your Ideal customer And James right here is a career online Marketer has been in it for years and is Doing this through blogging through Words through short form like posts Um and valuable bombs of information Um and that’s what’s working for him So and and it it comes from what I love What you said it’s what you enjoy most What you enjoy doing the most

Yeah and that’s huge because when you Enjoy doing it you do more of it and This is all about consistency and Frequency Yep that’s the game here it doesn’t Matter which platform you’re on it’s Consistency and frequency all day long And you can’t go oh I hated that video I Posted two weeks ago and then not do Anything I think maybe I’ll do it again In another week or two and then three Months down the line you’re going I Don’t know why it’s not working or I Posted 20 videos but you made 20 videos In two days posted them in two days and Then did nothing for four weeks So it really requires that consistency And then yep keep showing up put the Blinders on so you’re not with blogging You’re not getting an immediate like I Post this and I’m gonna have link clicks There are there’s places You’re playing a long game with this Right but it’s obviously out there yeah Yeah so you can there are ways to to get Articles and things appearing quicker Again if you’re using something like Medium or quora Um whereby it’s already an established Platform you will see views the traffic Isn’t amazing but you’ll see views and Things relatively quickly you’ll see Kind of 100 views or 200 views in maybe A couple of kind of hours

Um psychor I recently kind of just hit I Think about half a million views across All of my content but it’s taken wow It’s taken three years of consistently Admittedly not as consistent as I Probably should be but consistent kind Of answering those questions to hit that Kind of half a million and it’s but it’s Like a snowball effect the more you’ve Got the more content you’ve got out There the more chance you’re gonna have Someone kind of essentially stumble upon It and go ah there’s there’s some Content here oh I found it and then they Kind of end up going down a rabbit hole You have a look at kind of the analytics On websites and things you’ll see that People end up kind of they’ll read one Thing and then they’ll go oh actually I Like this I like this whatever it is uh An article about bike I like this Article it’s telling me everything I Want to know oh but I actually really Want to know about that bike as well oh One time for Christmas I want to go look At that and they’ll end up kind of Reading two three four posts and they May end up clicking through and buying Something they may not they may end up Going off but what they’ve done is You’ve planted that kind of like seed in Their head and they’ve gone oh I’ve now Found a website whereby I can go back to And read up about the next thing I

Wanted to like read about oh I didn’t Buy any of the four bikes that you spoke About this time I’m now re-looking oh I Know this website type in oh yeah They’ve got they’ve got an article about That they’ve they’ve got how-to guides On how to like set it all up and things Like that and they’ll read it and then They’ll come back Um so yeah it’s it’s a it is a long game A lot of the stuff you’re doing is right Is to be there but it’s your own Platform a lot of the time so if it’s Your own blog you you don’t you don’t Have as much kind of there’s nothing Else kind of really influencing it other Than Google but we’ll we’ll ignore that For a second most of the time you can Kind of determine that Destiny or how Long it stays up for and as long as You’re consistent which is the main Thing with a lot of this stuff Tick Tock YouTube blogging whatever it is if You’re consistent and you’re constantly Putting out content on a reasonable Basis and not like as you say like 50 a Day or something if you’re just putting Out a couple of videos a couple of small Posts but you’re doing it every day and You’re consistent for your kind of your Your three months or your six months or Your 12 months That’s when you start getting that kind Of Snowball Effect where one video will

Kind of take off or one article will Take off and then they all start taking Off and it I say it kind of just Snowballs into this kind of bigger Bigger effect Um and yeah like Online marketing is like anything it’s It is a long-term game you want to be in Here for for five years 10 years 20 Years you you don’t want to be here for Two weeks and give up or right Coming into the challenge or like all Right I’m gonna make some Tic Tacs for Two weeks and I’m gonna be like money Falling from the sky it’s gonna be Amazing and then I’m gonna peace out in Three months At the end of it kind of gives you that Confidence right it kind of goes right We’ve given you all of this all of this Advice all these tools all these kind of Methodologies and things right the main Thing he says at the end is right be Consistent you want to keep going at This for yeah three months six months Etc you just just keep going don’t just Give up in a say two weeks or three Weeks it it needs you to keep going I Think that’s a lot of people I think Some people just kind of gloss over that Fact or forget that facts and they just They get a little bit caught up in the Moment they’re like oh it’s I’m gonna be It’s gonna be there in a week or two

Weeks and things it’s yeah just keep Going you’ll you’ll get there the Algorithm will pick up or something will Grab that bit of you’ll make a really Good video that just really resonates With someone or you’ll write a cracking Article that someone just sits and goes This is amazing they’ll share it with All their friends they’ll Writes their local newspaper and go look There’s this amazing article go read it They’ll do something like that and it Will pick up and right you’re kind of in A way just have to have to wait for that Moment But that’s part of the fun that’s part Of the journey yeah Definitely I agree and it it there a lot Of this is the long game blog’s Definitely the long game yeah but YouTube long game and that does show up On Google as well and we have Affiliates That may have long form videos on YouTube on their channel that they Posted two years ago And eight months ago suddenly was Getting a ton of views and they took off And it was content that they created and Posted a year prior and that’s when it Took off Could you imagine if they had shut down Their Channel and given up after five Months You know you just had a I had an article

About yeah a week ago that Um I’d written back in I’d written about Four years ago it was one of one of the Big first articles I’d written at the Time Um never really got much traction with It I kind of forgot about it I’d moved On from it Um I’d written a lot of other things Around it and yeah Google has suddenly Just picked up and gone actually these Days that article works exactly for this Particular keyword search And it’s now just slowly bringing in Kind of commissions from it it’s kind of People coming in reading it it’s again It’s it’s four four and a half years old Now Um I’ve not touched it I’ve I wrote it Four and a half years ago I forgot about It if I’m honest it’s now picked up and I’ve I’ve got a random email that says Oh you’ve earned a commission or you’ve You’ve got a new referral and I’ve kind Of gone oh hang on a minute I’ve gone Back to look at it and gone I wrote this Ages ago I forgot about this and it Gives you that you kind of end up a bit Like a child again you kind of you get That little bit of kind of butterfly Excitement again because as you say it Gets picked up again you’ve it Revalidates what you’re doing it makes You feel amazing amazing kind of alive

Again sorry and that’s what’s beautiful About Long form video on YouTube blogging They don’t age necessarily they will Come back they do pop up in searches Longer short form videos it’s kind of What’s hot right now It hasn’t proven necessarily to have the Shelf life I know Tick Tock is working On that so that’ll interesting to see What happens with that Um Shorts are doing it as well so YouTube Shorts um in a fairly recent one which I Hadn’t realized it was doing until I was Doing kind of some research my own stuff Um shorts now appear in Google searches So before it used to be yeah you’d get Like a YouTube video would appear but You now get shorts appearing and it’s Again this amazing thing if you’re Typing in you know how to ride a bike There is now a short that will appear That gives you a was it 13 50 second Kind of thing on how to ride a bike it’s Like oh cool I’ve now got this short Form video that’s appearing so yeah it’s Constantly changing yeah again I don’t Know when the algorithm is going to grab It just like I just shared it like you Could have made a short form video a Couple weeks ago and all of a sudden It’s taking off and goes viral yeah you Just have to keep going it’s really the

Key here for sure so what niches are you In have you been in with blogging and All of that Uh quite a few Um so Kind of I’ll give you high level ones um So I obviously make money Um so I have kind of two Styles so one’s Called kind of Niche um marketing Whereby you you find kind of sub niches So again Um the one I always use as an example It’s something like golf Um so you you try and Niche down smaller So you try and rather than it kind of Being about golf which is quite a big Huge kind of thing you kind of Niche Down and kind of you know gold for Children or you know go for left-handed People you kind of go really Niche with It because that’s how you find kind of The little hidden gems Um so things like Fitness and stuff Um I’ve written about quite a lot Um I’m quite into kind of that kind of Side of things as well Um I’ve written about the most mundane Thing ever so kitchen stuff I’ve written About um I’ve had blogs about in the Past that I’ve kind of passed on because I’ve fallen out of love of it I got Bored writing about it so I just kind of Sold them and moved on for someone else To enjoy make money space again I

Started talking about Drop Shipping when I began Um so my main one which is kind of my Kind of my little baby in a ways is to Make money Um one just kind of e-com affiliate Marketing digital marketing uh network Marketing it’s basically all that kind Of that marketing goodness Um and there’s uh Oh what else have I got Um again kind of Fitness thing so I have I have other ones that I don’t monetize I’ve just use them to in a way kind of Play around with and practice and just Enjoy writing about but I use them as Kind of like my playground in a way Um so things like health and supplements And things Um it’s a crazy market around there for It it’s quite competitive but it’s Really good fun to talk about but Um yeah I don’t monetize those ones I Just use them as a way of kind of Escaping the other writing if that makes Sense I can find it a bit more I find a Bit more enjoyable just to find random Topics and just write about them so it’s Kind of like you know it’s your Journal You know it’s it’s yourself yeah yeah so Those ones I use very much for kind of Um yeah my my kind of Escape I I use Some of those blogs to just find topics I really enjoy and I just want to hone

My skills kind of thing I just want to Get better at writing or I just want to Get better at kind of the oval tone or Even like the layouts and things I want To play around with them without Worrying about it bringing me money in Because if you worry about that you end Up kind of just stressing about that so I I have ones where I care about the Income and I have others that I just Care about I’m writing good content that Content is appearing it may or may not Make money maybe but so yeah I’ve got Kind of like two sides to what I do Which is a really high level answer to That I love it I think it’s great for our Audience to hear Um that there’s just so this guy’s the Limit guys there’s so many different Options and routes you can go Um Jim I mean James definitely goes off Of I saw Jim on the screen With your Facebook Um James definitely follows what excites Him Right Um and that’s a that’s a good way to go But there’s you don’t have to monetize Everything that excites you which he Also showed us today where sometimes you Know James just likes to write and That’s something he enjoys and sometimes You can just make videos that you enjoy

And it could help your audience connect With you you’re human oh look they’re Having fun I want to see what else they Do and then they just build that Relationship I think we forget about Those pieces we sometimes need to put Things out that We enjoy doing we know a lot about and See where it takes us you know just go Down the path Yeah definitely yeah yeah it helps build Up that Um aside so the the supplement side of Things is very much it’s like it’s a Passion project people I write it so That people can find good information About supplements Without kind of feeling that it’s just Trying to be biased towards them Um a lot of in the past a lot of the Stuff was quite biased in in their Opinions it was just the fact and so I Just wanted to write something that was Just unbiased it was completely there Was no kind of money motives behind it Or anything like that I just wanted to Be again exactly affiliate links for all The different things it wasn’t yeah it Wasn’t there wasn’t like 50 different Affiliate links or adverts everywhere Which is the clean kind of way of doing It and I kind of took what I I started With my other blog Um again kind of talking people on the

Honest side of my Drop Shipping and Things I just took that same approach I Just wanted to be 100 up front 100 Honest and just give people that Information and people If they do a bit sleeping they’ll kind Of find one blog that you own and They’ll slowly kind of make your way to Other sites and find you on Facebook They’ll find you on Twitter they’ll find Your Instagram they’ll find you in other Places and they kind of they will it’s Not often but you’ll find some people Are kind of Spend a little bit more time and go I’ve Found this blog of yours I loved it I’ve Also now just found this other one this Is amazing it’s a completely different Thing but I’ve I’ve built that little Bit of trust with you Um and yeah you’re right YouTube’s the Same or Tick Tock or things like that Where you’re just not every post or Every single bit of content you have to Put out there has to be kind of a kind Of a sales focus it can be fun it can it Can be about your life it can be I don’t Know something you found interesting Recently or a fun fact that you kind of Found a say might that the YouTubes are Things I’m trying to trying to build is Is trying to focus more on the kind of The fun sides of admittedly affiliate Marketing but the fun bits and pieces

Like this like this kind of thing is the Fun bit you get sold to hundreds Potentially thousands of other people You’ve learned so much from all these Kind of different kind of interviews and Podcasts and video things and just Talking to people on kind of Facebook It’s it’s great fun and that’s that’s What I’d want to try and kind of build And do and plus it makes it it makes Your page less Kind of monotonous you’re kind of you’re You’re sitting there kind of you’re Throwing in real life things as you say It builds up that relationship and makes People makes people like you a little Bit more because you’re not just like Look at this buy this you’re like oh Yeah today I I fell off my bike I don’t Know why I just couldn’t seem to it was Raining too much and you just you just Added like a little bit of humor and Someone’s just gone oh yeah this Actually is a real person they’re not Just a a robot trying to throw things Things out there to try and kind of hook You in you’re kind of proven it I think Something like the bigger Tick Tock People that’s what they do a lot of Their videos are just fun they’ve there Are a few kind of salesy videos in there There’s a few things that I know talk About some of their successes and things But some of it’s just fun you just kind

Of go they are real they are an actual Human being I can I can kind of get to Them you need to as Dave says Delight Your audience Yeah I know I’m not delighted just watching Tick tocks over and over that are just Buy this grab that you need this like Delight me a little bit show me why I Need this relate to me as a person where I’m at as a mom as a mom of teenagers uh Wasn’t gonna help yeah yeah what will Change or oh my gosh this person totally Gets it and where I’m at right now I’m Gonna watch more of their content and That’s how it just you gotta build the Relationship first A lot of kind of the a lot of the the Blog stuff that people used to kind of Write about a lot of the reviews and Things work really well on places like Um kind of short form content and Long-form context because you can Actually show you using items or show You kind of I know fixing a car or again Fixing a bike or playing golf you can You can show people you actually using It and talking about it and you’re you Might have an affiliate link somewhere That goes to I know you say Amazon or Walmart or something like that yeah but You you’ve kind of passively done it You’ve actually just spoken about a Product and just said I really like it

It it’s got these cool features it it’s Not like this but then you also then Throw in something that says oh actually The handle on it’s a bit loose I they Might want to do that you can send that Kind of feedback back to kind of the People who make them as well the Manufacturers and go look I made this viral Tick Tock that’s about Your Golf Club It’s got I know a hundred thousand views There’s an issue with it The handle’s rubbish would you like to And you’ll be surprised or amazed at the Kind of emails you get back going we Never knew this no one’s ever told us no One’s ever they’ve written about it but We don’t actively go out and read things Right that’s a lot of effort in it um he Says as he just blogs Um and yeah they’ll go actually thanks Like when I do something some of those Things can then get picked up and then Reused by those the marketing teams from Those people will pick some of those Things up and go oh we had this guy You’ve had this hundred thousand view Tick tock on whatever it is we fixed it And then they’ll reuse reuse it for Marketing and it it just ends up in this Kind of cycle where you’re kind of using Each other in a way and it again it Helps build up kind of credibility and Relationships yeah so yeah it’s

Definitely I need to stress to everyone It’s a long game you can’t jump into Blogging and expect big payouts in like A month or two it is not going to be Tomorrow Slower but it’s something that if you Commit to the process and if you add to Your short form content as well and You’re doing all of that then that Really can build up over time so it’s It’s just what you’re excited about it’s Just start somewhere Right people can see your excitement as Well if you’re excited about it they get Excited if you’re if you’re bored or you Don’t like it it comes across in videos Writing just anything you can always Tell if someone’s not really into it or If they love it you can feel it you can Feel the energy from them you can always Always feel it Yeah I love this comment I can’t focus on the end result it will Find the process and in the moment Change Um and keep taking action for sure love It yeah All right so James you can find him on Facebook Um I have it here up on the screen go Friend him up follow him see his journey Check out his posts all of that good Stuff I really appreciate you coming on The show today and we would love to have

You back I love updates Get you on Dave’s here and you can meet Him as well Um so anytime you want to come back just Reach out to Roxy to myself and we will Definitely get you back on okay it was Great having you thank you very much I Appreciate it yeah definitely it was Awesome take care All right everybody I hope you have a Fantastic Thursday if you didn’t catch At the very beginning it is Our CEO’s birthday so definitely go wish Dave a very happy happy birthday go Post In the group go spam them and tag him And harass him he is out this week for His birthday celebrating With his family and all of that good Stuff so definitely go ahead and wish Him a very happy birthday Um thanks again to James that was great Information if anything it gives you Our shows give you a variety of Stories Journeys Um and see what’s possible as always Stay legendary everybody see you Tomorrow bye [Music]

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