VA CLAIM DENIED? Here’s How to Win Your VA Higher Level Review or BVA Appeal

Was your VA claim denied? Here’s the deal fellow veterans. In today’s video, VA Claims Insider explains how to win your VA Higher Level Review or BVA Appeal with a records only review.

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Generally, veterans have 3 ways to get help with their VA claims:

#1. File your own VA claim online at (Represent Yourself via “Pro Se Representation”)
#2. Work with an accredited VSO (Appoint a VSO Representative with Power of Attorney)
#3. Work with an accredited Claims Agent or Attorney (Appoint a Claims Representative with Power of Attorney)

If your claim has been denied, you should consider a Higher Level Review with a more senior claims adjudicator.

Under the Appeals Modernization Act, there has been an incredible success rate of veterans receiving more significant benefits.

Not only that, the appeals process has been quickened so much as to no longer be as discouraging due to demonstrably long waiting periods.

This means that if you find any disagreement with your original VA Rating determination, there is ample reason to pursue a Higher Level Review or BVA Appeal (Records Only) to increase your VA benefits.

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