Understanding Context When Writing With GPT-3 AI in ShortlyAI

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Here’s How Context Works in ShortlyAI

When you click that magical “write for me” button in Shortly, what happens behind the scenes to get the text you ordered? It’s actually quite simple, but vitally important for you to understand.

The article brief, title, and all the content in your article from the point where your cursor is upward will be sent to GPT-3 for processing (GPT-3 calls this “the prompt”).

There is a limit on how much Shortly will take from your article though. The article brief and title will always be sent, but if your article is really long and your cursor is toward the bottom, it will take something like 1,200 to 1,500-ish words.

There are some changes coming in the next version of Shortly that will give you some fantastic tools to control context. Stay tuned for that.


The Context Cutoff Ruler

A new feature recently added to ShortlyAI is the ability to cut off the context at a point you want. To do it you simply type /// in the place you want Shortly to stop using the content above the current cursor location.

This might not sound like much but is a very important feature you should master in order to best instruct the AI as you write your article. Use it when you want to prevent context above a certain line in your article from “contaminating” the place where you want specific content produced.

For instance, if you’re starting a new section in your article where the content is slightly different from the rest of the article, you can use the /// command to prevent the other parts of the article from interfering with your AI assistant.

This is hard to describe, please watch the video to see this command in action.


Context in the New /Commands

ShortlyAI just introduced three new commands to help during your writing. These are called “slash commands” because they start with a /. They’re self-explanatory: /shorten, /rewrite, and /expand. The reason I bring them up here in this guide is because normally article brief and title are sent to GPT-3 for context — but not when using these commands.

When you use a /command only the text within the [] after the command is used. This gives you great flexibility when using them throughout your article.


Imagine an AI-Assistant Sitting Next to You

Here’s something interesting to keep in mind when you’re working with the AI in ShortlyAI. Imagine there’s an AI-Assistant sitting next to you that can write for you — based on the instructions you provide it.

It’s always available to help you write, whenever you want, but the skill is knowing what to give the assistant to get what you need from it. You have to be the boss. You have to know what you need, and you have to provide specific instructions.

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