Understanding Context in Jarvis Boss Mode: Control Inputs to Get What You Want (Jarvis Tutorial)

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Hey there, Chad here for the AI Content Dojo — and in this video, I want to show you how to understand context when using the new Jarvis boss mode (formerly Conversion AI).

⚡️ Get Jarvis: https://conversion.ai/?fpr=aidojo

🚀 Show notes: https://aicontentdojo.com/understanding-context-in-jarvis-boss-mode/

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Shoutout to @Jarvis

Understanding context gives you the ability to create content more easily and understand how to get around hurdles as they come up.

There are really three different kinds of context in Jarvis’s boss mode. The context inside of the compose button, “command,” and the re-phrase/fix grammar/explain to a 5th grader tools.

Let’s just go through them each and then I’ll show you how to think about them when creating your content.

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