Trading Stocks On Linux

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One of the questions that I often get about Linux software is the availability is stock trading programs. There are several brokerages that support Linux and have native Linux desktop clients.

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Stock Markets Versus Natural Calamities

The recent series of disasters in Japan – a major earthquake, followed by a tsunami, and explosions at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex – and its impact on the stock market came as a clarion call to reexamine the confusing nature of stocks in relation to natural disasters. Even as we witness wide scale aftermath suffering in all sectors, strategists predict a positive upward pick up phase in the stock markets very soon. This prediction is based on several researches and studies on investors’ reaction to previous natural disasters, which reveal very interesting trends that are consistent and puzzling.

6 Common Investing Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

This article is about the most common mistakes that people make with their investment decisions, and how to avoid them. See if you can spot some of the things that you might be doing wrong, because it might save you lots of money and aggravation.

Profit and Loss Statement: A One Page Report Of the Company’s Performance

A quick glance on this financial report tells you if the company performed well as compared last year. It is a tool to guide investors on the profitability of the company.

Balance Sheet: Knowing If The Company You Invested In Is Okay

Knowing that the company you are investing is in good financial condition makes you confident. The balance sheet is the perfect source of information to determine the companies ability to go on business.

What Are Stocks and Bonds?

Since 1926, the average large stock has returned close to 10% a year. If you’re saving for retirement, that’s a pretty good deal — much better than U.S. savings bonds, or stashing cash under your mattress.

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