Trading 212 – Complete Tutorial For Beginners

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[01:05] – How to set up a Trading 212 account
[01:48] – How to open the charting section of the Trading View website
[02:17] – Understanding the price chart
[03:05] – How to change the chart type
[03:50] – How to change the chart settings
[05:04] – How to zoom in and out and scroll back on a chart
[05:28] – How to change the chart time frame
[05:59] – How to change you cursor type & use the measuring tool
[06:47] – How to add drawing tools and text to your charts (and amend their settings)
[09:03] – How to add and manage indicators on a chart
[11:45] – How to create and use chart templates
[13:24] – How to find and view different markets/instruments
[14:47] – How to create and amend your watch lists
[18:13] – How to view more than one chart at a time and how to arrange charts over more than one screen
[19:07] – How to enter a trade (all methods)
[24:39] – How to add stop loss and take profit levels
[26:47] – How to close a trade
[28:05] – How to view and understand your account status
[29:07] – How to view your trading history details
[30:54] – How to set and manage market alerts
[33:02] – How to access the platform settings
[34:13] – How to access the instrument/market details window
[34:33] – Using the notifications window
[35:10] – How to view the economic calendar & how to use the news and analysis window
[36:45] – How to change the time zone settings
[37:06] – How to find the Trading 212 learning material & Submit a question to the Trading 212 team
[37:42] – How to set up or switch to a real money account
[38:13] – How to use my affiliate link

How to read and understand market price –

Understanding Candlesticks –

Introduction to Indicators –

Trade Orders (Entru, Stop Loss & Take Profit) –

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