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How Would Warren Buffet Describe Financial Risk?

Without accounting for financial risk, investors can never compare the value of assets. One of Warren Buffett’s most famous ways of valuing stock picks is by comparing the any pick to the ten year federal note. This comparison is conducted so he can account for financial risk. In this article we discuss the numerous ways to account for financial risk.

What Is Penny Stock Shorting?

In stock trading, the investors make money by purchasing shares of stocks at a certain price and then wait till the prices rise. As and when the prices rise, they sell off the stocks, thereby earning profits. However, investors earn profit when the price of the shares takes a dip as well. At this time, they follow the method of stock shorting in which they buy the very stocks at lower prices that they have sold at higher prices before.

Is Trading Penny Stocks Like Gambling?

Trading penny stocks can be highly profitable on a very consistent basis if you know which methods are the best. In this article, I tell you about two methods that are definitely not gambling and work very well.

Developing A Successful Stock Trading Plan

Before you start trading stocks you need to understand the basics of investing, but you also need to develop your own personal trading plan. Having a well-defined plan will help you make better decisions, including those sometimes necessary quick decisions, and it will help keep you on your defined path. If you stray from this path and let emotions or some other unplanned factor involved you may start making mistakes.

How to Invest in the Stock Market for Beginners

Eight steps to building a solid, stock portfolio. Information for beginners and investors with a strong background in investing.

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