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We stream Trade Ideas Scanner including my High Of Day Momo Scanner every weekday at 6:00AM , and we start live trading at 9:30 AM EST in Zoom private room when the stock market opens.
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Our scanner was designed for Small Caps stocks and penny stock to trade the gap and go and Momo strategy.
How do we Trade?
we start day trading around 9:15am to look for the stock Gappers at trade idea scanner then I look for low float stocks and relative volume above 100k to maybe up to 300k
then we decide which day trading strategy I will use for that stock.
Once the stock market opens at 9:30am I keep my eyes on the day momentum scanner for new in momentum stocks ,usually it is good stocks to day trade .
our preferred stocks range from $2 to $5 so we do not need a lot of cash for the stock and I will be able to buy more stock shares to use for my trade.
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DISCLAIMER: Please note that we do not ask for any information. we always encourage our viewers to trade ONLY what they understand and never based on anyone’s opinion.
our videos are for entertainment purposes only.any questions to message us as we would love to be a part of your success.
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