Top 7 FREE Forex Trading Tools (In 2021)

The Best Software For Trading
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In this video, you’ll discover the top 7 Forex trading tools you can use for free.

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Weekly Options – How and When To Use, And When To Avoid

The author, a conservative options specialist, explains how, when, why and where weekly options make sense if you are a risk-adverse, conservative investor. While standard MONTHLY options can be used for both one-way (directional) and credit spread (non-directional) trades in stock, ETF, or index options, the attractiveness of WEEKLY options varies dramatically depending on your objective. “Weeklies” offer potential benefits for certain directional trade “event” opportunities, but not necessarily for credit spread and Iron Condors used to generate monthly income.

2011 Results Are In – How Did Your Financial Guy Do?

The results for 2011 are in and the stock market barely moved. Its very easy to see if the money you are paying your financial guy was worth it.

Option Trading Education – Back to the Basics

Option Trading Education is very important as trading options unlike many other securities is not that straight forward. Options are a form of derivatives. An option always has an underlying. An option is a right to buy/sell a financial instrument at a particular price on or before a particular date. The above definition is for an American Option.

Penny Stock Trading – Learning the Ropes

Penny stocks are a great way to supplement your income with some side cash. Be sure you research how to make the most money safely before beginning any investment strategy, though. Read on to learn exactly how to start learning the ropes of penny stock trading.

The Anatomy of a Trader, Part 5 of 5: Fancy Footwork

Throughout life, we often hear loved ones or motivational speakers tell us to “stay grounded,” and to “keep both feet on the ground.” And although it’s a bit cliche, it’s true with a lot of things in life. With investing, it rings especially true, for if you lean too long or too short or too hard on one stock or type of investment, you’re bound to find trouble.

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