This Is How AI Is Helping Teams Stay Connected To The Workplace


Artificial intelligence serves many purposes in the workplace, including playing the role of IT Helpdesk chatbots. This advanced technology can streamline internal IT processes with automated responses, faster response times and relevant and helpful answers to customer questions. Both consumers and employees benefit, and workers can see the results of enhanced satisfaction at work.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool. This overarching field helps technology evolve through concepts like AI chatbots and machine learning. The workplace benefits from these innovations now more than ever, as the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the needs of businesses across the world. With the help of AI, though, the workplace can stay connected and become more efficient than before.

The hiring process can sometimes be a hassle, with reviewing applications and interviewing and onboarding applicants. All these tasks take up a lot of time. However, AI has the power to help make this process faster and more efficient. It can also improve accuracy in hiring the right person.

For instance, using tools like Montage helps with finding people to interview. The software automatically sorts through all available applications and looks for people who qualify for the job. It does so by scanning for keywords regarding qualifications, background, experience and education. When it finds a match, it can set the application aside for humans to review.

AI can also optimize the onboarding process. When new employees first enter the workplace, they have a lot of questions. While this excitement and curiosity are crucial, the back and forth between new employees and supervisors can be inefficient, especially with remote work.

AI software can mimic humans by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to respond to employee questions about the workplace. A chatbot using conversational AI is just doing that — it answers as if it were a supervisor itself, helping the training process along.

Having this constant knowledge and these AI resources available makes the workplace altogether more efficient and connected.

Communication is the most important way to stay connected while at work. It keeps the workplace flowing and succeeding and makes it easier to carry out responsibilities. While tools like Slack and Zoom have made getting in touch immediate and simple, communication also runs deeper. It covers things like understanding workplace operations and goals — tasks that are critical to work together on.

For example, focusing on human resource (HR) processes will go a long way for employees and businesses. Automation systems use AI to digitize, gather and update data, notify employees and transfer documents and information in real-time. A system like PeopleDoc does it all by making these processes as smooth as possible.

Automating data collection, for instance, no longer has to be a tedious task for employees. Instead, these systems automatically complete the action — which could be anything from sending out payroll payments to updating productivity goals.

These systems are invaluable to workplaces with remote workers. Whether a business is headquartered in one state or internationally, AI makes connectivity and communication easy. The HR automation system can send payroll and productivity updates to anyone at any time. It operates through time zones and keeps everyone connected in the same instant.

With such powerful connections, communication will never break down or falter. Instead, employees can focus on the tasks at hand and collaborate in more productive ways.

AI covers every need in the workplace. However, it can go above and beyond finding the right employees and optimizing communication. AI can also help expand and develop a business. For instance, you can imagine that the data necessary for branching out requires a lot of insight.

Therefore, a workplace might need to decide between using Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) systems. Both will integrate AI in ways that will help the company grow. BI takes in data about profits and losses and reports them in digestible forms. However, CPM uses automation to actively track and predict a company’s finances.

This kind of connectivity keeps the workplace sharply focused on business goals. Employees see the trajectory that AI shows them and can then make proper adjustments to improve upon the company’s path.

Workday Adaptive Planning is one example of the many CPM systems out there that can revolutionize a team. Having the right software in place for teams to collaborate on is what will ultimately take the company to the next level. Thanks to AI, that success is now possible.

With the rise in working from home, workplace connectivity is a must. It bridges the team together whether they’re near or far. However, even if you’re in the office, connectivity is necessary. Artificial intelligence allows employees all over the globe to work better with their co-workers in all industries and in all parts of the company. Through interviewing and onboarding, communicating with others and expanding the business, AI is there for it all.

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