The Story – What it does and How *You* Can Use AI | The Future of Digital Marketing!

The Top AI Copywriting Tools
2. Article Forge

AI for marketing is the hottest trend in digital marketing and is one of the leaders in this space. What does AI do? Why should you care? How can *you* use it to improve your own business strategy?

In this video I’ll share how uses cutting-edge technology to help anyone create incredibly, engaging content for sales letters, emails, landing pages, product descriptions, Youtube titles and descriptions, Bios… and so much more.

Join me for an overview of and an introduction to Jarvis.

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*** NOTE: May 01, 2021, the price for Pro-Unlimited is now $109 for 1 Team Member ***

Full Disclosure: I’ve bought this product myself and it’s exceeded my expectations (not an easy thing to do.) As an affiliate, I may earn a commission if you use my link (at no extra cost to you.)

00:00 Intro: What Is Converton.AI And Who Is Jarvis?
00:17 The New Super-Power To Create Highly Engaging Content.
01:33 Open AI GPT-3: Founded By Elon Musk
01:58 Conversion.AI – Dashboard And Template Review
05:58 Testimonials (
06:58 How to Start Getting Jarvis Working For YOU!
09:05 THIS is the Future of Copywriting
10:05 Summary: Stay Tuned For Training On How To Get Jarvis Creating Spectacular Content For You


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