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Killer Press Release Writing!

This article will teach you how to write that killer press release! I’ll give you all the insider tips you need to write that press release yourself!

The Copywriter As a Castaway: 4 Pillars of Copywriting

A person stranded on an island who tries to spell the word HELP in humongous letters made of rocks, twigs or fire is taking a shot at true-blue copywriting. Nope. It’s neither about the feeling of desperation nor the envy-inspiring ability to eke out a living while vacationing in a beach resort. Certainly, some topnotch copywriters earn six-digit salaries while doing their work on fabulous islands, while others do yell for help every darned day. But neither is exactly the point.

5 Tips for Creating Compelling Copy

This article highlights 5 top tips for creating compelling copy that will enable your website to create the right impression through text. It emphasises a number of points to promote your services effectively, whilst leaving a lasting impression upon the reader.

What Kind Of Copywriter Are You?

Whether you work freelance or for an agency, there are several different guises that we copywriters come in. Business to consumer (b-to-c) copywriter This kind of copywriter is the type you’d see in movies, the wild and wacky guy (invariably it is a guy) coming up with crazy ideas while living a generally dissolute kind of life.

Copywriting: Tell a Story and Sell More!

If you’ve ever wondered why so many sales letters (and webinars for that matter) seem to spend more time telling you about the person’s background than the actual product, there’s a good reason. They’re telling a story. And we’ve been trained since the first time we watched television that stories are just that – stories.

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