The AI-Powered Micro-Business with Ash Fontana

The Top AI Copywriting Tools
2. Article Forge

Artificial Intelligence is already part of our lives in the tools and services we use every day. As AI development accelerates, how can authors and small businesses use it as leverage to expand income and opportunities? Ash Fontana gives some ideas in this interview on The AI-First Company.
23:29 – interview starts

In the intro, How GPT-3 is quietly ushering in the A.I. revolution [Digital Trends]; The Computers Are Getting Better At Writing [The New Yorker]; The Chinese equivalent on GPT-3, PanGu-α [Venture Beat]; List of AI writing tools and GPT-3 Examples.

Ash Fontana is a startup investor and managing director of Zetta, an investment fund focusing on AI. He’s also the author of The AI-First Company: How to Compete and Win with Artificial Intelligence.

How AI development has accelerated due to the pandemic
How Natural Language Generation and other aspects of AI can help authors with marketing and content creation
How AI could help stop plagiarism
Licensing works in copyright for training AI models and the impact of AI on copyright law
Generative Adversarial Networks
A positive view of an AI powered future

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