The AI-Augmented Author. Writing With GPT-3 With Paul Bellow

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How can authors use AI writing tools like GPT-3? What’s the best way to prompt the models to output usable text? Are there copyright issues with this approach?

Author Paul Bellow explains how he is using the tools and how authors need to embrace the possibilities rather than reject them.

In the intro, I talk about getting access to the Open AI GPT-3 beta shortly after interviewing Paul and how I used ideas from this interview to generate prompts, plus my thoughts on the tool.
You can find some of the sites built on top of GPT-3 at
plus Will Artificial Intelligence Ever Write a Novel from thriller author, Andrew Mayne.
You can find all the AI-related episodes and book recommendations at

Paul Bellow is a LitRPG author. He’s also the publisher of LitRPG Forum, LitRPG Reads, and LitRPG Adventures. A writer for over four decades, he’s currently tinkering with GPT-3 to create tools for authors and help his own writing too.

What is LitRPG?
What is Open AI’s GPT3?
Shifting your mindset to embrace AI tools rather than be scared of them
Ways to use prompts with GPT-3 and other Natural Language Generation tools in order to output coherent and useful text
Is it cheating to use AI tools to help write your book?
Copyright issues related to GPT-3 — more in Episode 519: Copyright law and blockchain for authors in an age of AI
How might AI tools for writing be used in the near future?

You can find Paul Bellow at and on Twitter @LitRPGforum and you can find the D&D character backstory generator at

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