Survey Social Pilot Review – and my Survey Social Pilot Bonus

Quick review of Ben Adkin’s Survey Social Pilot – see the full post here:

Overall perfect for “Offline consultants” to attract new local business clients – ideally those who can give away a nice ‘freebie’ for leadgen.

Examples: chiropractors = free back adjustment, massage therapist: free neck massage. Dentist: free teeth-whitening.

But, really, when you think about it, pretty much any local business can give away a nice lil’ freebie.

Survey Social Pilot then shows you how to help your local client monetize that ‘freebie-seeking’ traffic right off the bat, how to follow up and how to turn them into long-term customers.

My bonus for survey social pilot is a strategy for selling the idea of using the survey social pilot system to local businesses, as this is not covered by Ben Adkins in the main survey social pilot course.

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