Students First 2020 – The Role of AI in Writing Feedback Applications: Learnings and Opportunities

The Top AI Copywriting Tools
2. Article Forge

“The goal is for students to learn to write better, not to automatically correct all of the errors in their text.”

Dr Stephen Wan, Research Scientist at CSIRO-Data61, describes historical progress in machine learning and establishes today’s new needs for AI in education. In this session Chaired by Denise Stewart, Stephen and Denise discuss how academic integrity, the complexities of human interaction learning, and a user-first approach are at the core of developments for Studiosity. Hear what it means for the 1.6 million students with access right now, as well as what it means for the world-renowned team of online Subject Specialists helping students round the clock.

More about the partnership:

University students can expect to get faster and more in-depth study help thanks to a new 5-year, $1 million investment in data-driven research and development delivered by CSIRO’s Data61, the digital specialist arm of the national science agency, for Australian founded online study support service, Studiosity.

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