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Picking the Right Penny Stock Broker

Penny stocks are exciting because of their inherent volatility. There are both great risks and great rewards whenever you’re dealing with them, but it takes an experienced guide to really take you through the process of buying smart. Fortunately, there are brokers that can assist you in the penny stock game. Here are a few of the qualities that you should look for when you’re searching for a broker. Keep in mind that many of them allow you to do online trading as well, a definite plus for the day trader or casual investor.

Stock Market Forecasting – Is It Possible?

Everyone seems to agree that no one knows where the stock market is headed next. They think that the stock market is “random”, that prices are arbitrary, and that taking losses when bear markets come is just part of the game. Don’t Believe It!

The Folly of “Holding For the Long Term”

A wise investor always has an exit strategy. He will have a sell strategy, a stop loss, or both. To invest without one of these is to subject your portfolio to considerable risk. The stop loss should, if triggered, result in a loss that is acceptable relative to your expected gain.

Money Matters: What to Do When the Stock Market Soars?

This 500-word article aims to give some advice to those investors who have sat on the sidelines as the market has gone higher and higher. This will try to answer the question of most stock investors of what to do when the market is high. Also outlines in this post some of the best strategies to win even in a market some say is due to crash soon.

In The Trading Game, The House Wins

If you don’t have better information or faster execution, you won’t win the trading game. So why play?

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