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Are you new to the world of digital marketing? If yes, then you must learn how to do media planning and this digital marketing is the answer.

Attend this 1 Hour live webinar on step by step guide to media planning by Coach Richa Chopra. She has done MBA in strategy and marketing from IIM Kozhikode & B.Com (Hons) graduate from SRCC (DU). With 9 years of Corporate experience under the belt.

Coach Richa will be covering the following topics in the webinar –

Knowing the target audience & Defining Goals
Determining the tools and Perfect Media Mix
Basic terminology of Media Planning
Reach vs Frequency
Creating media strategy & Plan

0:00 – Introduction
2:40 – Media Planning basics
4:23 – Basic Media Terminologies
14:43 – Media Plan
18:35 – Major decisions
21:49 – Steps for making a media plan
22:18 – Knowing your audience
25:32 – Defining marketing objectives
35:20 – Determining the strategy
39:49 – Creating media strategy & plan
45:34 – Setting up a media budget
51:01 – Competitive strategies and budget considerations
53:38 – Evaluations and follow-ups
57:14 – Reach vs Frequency
59:47 – Thank you

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