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legendary marketer review

One of the Chicks, Julie, recently purchased the Legendary Marketer Blueprints and talks about it with Karen and Jodi. How does it work for women? Entrepreneurs over 40? High school & college students looking to start a business? We will talk about the whole journey.

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All right we are chicks in business And we are a group of people that got Together a group of friends just to talk About uh business and to support each Other as we’re doing our own separate Businesses and as we were doing that we Start talking about all the different Things that we have done all the Different programs and coaching things That we have done the things that have Worked for us and the things that Haven’t and then all of a sudden we Thought you know we should put this out To people we should let them know what Has worked for us and and maybe be of Some service and some help to the Console as they go along and trying to Form their business and offer some Advice along the way so we’re having a Chat today About something that Julie has recently Gotten involved in which is legendary Marketer and uh let’s see Julie how did You get involved in legendary marketing Well a couple of our other ticks in Business uh Jody and Michelle have I Think been involved in some programs That recommended legendary marketing You’re not one of those things that you Hear bubbling through through the work Online or Entrepreneur Space and I think The interesting part of what what really Drew me to working with you guys is so Much of it is is Guy oriented and I

Don’t mean like male I mean Guy and Um and you know every program will point And say no look we’ve got women we’ve Got women who are in here like yeah you Got women in here because there’s just Not that much else for us to use but uh You know what are the ones that are Really Not so much women focused but not women Excluding So that’s what I’m constantly looking Out for and Um legendary marketer had a 15-day trial You see not not a 15-day trial 15-day Challenge that you can take you can get For seven dollars and you know I’ve been Through a lot of these and I know that They are a a vehicle to get people to Sign into their to sign up for their Higher ticket program I’m I’m well aware Of that uh but I think it’s a really Good way of finding out if you know if a Program speaks to you if you think it’s Got value to it and generally the way They run is you you take the challenge For a few days maybe even the whole Challenge and then towards the end Um you know there’s there’s a little bit Of really good stuff promised at the Very end but then you get the sales of It and legendary Market would get it Kind of different they they went full Sale on like day four And you can’t get into the rest of the

15 days without going through the the Sales pits and talking to your your Advisor and then he or she has to unlock The rest of the 15 days so you can’t Really see I mean to me the 15 day challenge the Purpose of it is to let them get a peek And let you get a peek inside their Program and you really couldn’t there Wasn’t that much that’s a that’s an Interesting way of doing it I’ve never Heard of people doing it that way you Think it was effective Um and clearly I bought it so [Laughter] To be one of the most skeptical people In the world like I like I don’t believe All those claims and I don’t believe all The things that people tell me but uh One of once you get past the the uh the Sales page and you continue on through The rest of the challenge uh but it may Be before I’m not sure what he talks About persuasive copy and he goes Through into sex copy that have were Written um things that were written in The 60s 50s 60s 70s uh for magazine and Newspaper ads and he was reading some of It out and you could tell you know I’m I Know how the sausage gets made I’ve been In in this business for a while and I’m Still listening to this going I wonder If I can still get that I wonder if That’s still available like that sounds

Really good so I am as susceptible as an Ex person too the first time the first Time you turned it down No um you have 48 hours To decide and so Um I kind of got into an argument with The very lovely Canadian person who was An advisor and I managed to rile him up And manage to round me up and so Maybe and I was texting with uh with Jody about it And we decided yeah it was probably good For my my spiritual growth to work with Somebody that could rile me up that much But uh you know from his point of view Like he’s inside of it and he knows that This is a transformative life-changing Program and I’m just looking at it from The outside going everybody says that Everybody says they’re transforming Everybody says they’re the best stuff But he says and another he the the head Of the program the CEO kept talking About how how many scammers there are And how you’re not going to get scammed Here we don’t scam people and I’m like Why are you telling me this over and Over again like I don’t know about you Guys but I’ve noticed that Facebook Bragging about how great their Relationship is or the people who are About to get divorced so that’s the kind Of thing I’m like Most definitely most definitely so

Um And my experience with the vast majority Of people who are selling courses and Coaching online is that they’re not Scammers you know sure the people who Drop into your DMs and say Hey you know I want to basically open their jacket And want to buy a program sure but People who actually have set up Something that’s uh that’s got reviews It’s got customers you know it has has Seen some success and you can see their Success it may not be for me but it’s Not a scam Yeah so that was kind of one of those Things I’m like why are you talking About scams so much and then you know You get the freaking Tony Robbins burn The boats like are you kidding me do we Need to see this But literally are there any women over For over 40 who think it’s a good idea To burn the damn boats I mean honestly If his mom was there with him that she’d Knock him on the side of the head and Say you don’t burn those Crazy Yeah And it’s very much not like that it’s Very much don’t quit your day job don’t Be stupid don’t put your family at risk But that burn the boats is So it’s that kind of thing I know that It’s meant to get you hyped up and get

You excited but maybe it just isn’t our Role I’ve been I’ve been around this block a Few times I’m like we’re not going to Burn any damn boats so and it works for A lot of people it worked clearly I mean I haven’t gone to look at it up into Look it up independently but their claim Is that they’re the the largest program For the last five years and I have heard About it from so many different places And it is recommended by so many big Name people people that I’ve heard I’ve Been followed for years that I have no Reason to doubt that they do and they The program itself so let me get into The program itself now that I’m in it I Can take a look and and also went Through the other 10 days or the 15 day challenge and it Is extremely good I mean they have been Working on this and refining it for Years and you know when they link you to Something there’s an actual link there And how many programs have you been in Where it’s kind of like they’re they’re Trying to build their you know they’re Building the staircases you’re one step Behind them and absolutely everybody Starts off that way then that’s not a Criticism that’s just saying yes I can See that this has been as well Established they’ve been there for a Long time

Um they really know what they’re doing And Um there are a plurality of people in The program and a lot of international People are people who I can tell have Been genuinely helped by this yeah So but you have a question I did I just wanted to make clear what a Challenge was because I didn’t know what That was when I first got into this Just said it’s a couple days of getting A taste of something right and it’s why It’s called the challenge I’m not sure Well generally you know yeah it’s Challenging you to take action I think Is the idea and and generally a Challenge is going to give you you know Any kind of 15 day or five day or four Or three day whatever it is is generally Going to tell you what to do but it’s Not going to tell you how to do it and You know absolutely that’s fair if You’re looking for you know just here’s The steps you’re going to need to follow Go off Then you know you might actually be able To take that and and use that but They’re they’re wetting your appetite Knowing what to do so that then you get Into the program which is Sprawling I mean it’s enormous the Amount of training and education you get And if you’re the kind of person who Likes to have a blue they call it

Blueprints if you like to have a Blueprint to follow to say this is step One this is step two this is step three Then this is going to be a fantastic Program for you and I’m the type of Contrarian who goes in ah I’m sure That’s not I’m gonna do it my way I’m Sure they haven’t thought of these 25 Things and it hasn’t worked out great For me in the past so like okay I’m Gonna surrender to the process I’m going To just do it the way they tell me to Freaking do it just for just this once And you guys can follow you know Everybody can follow the journey on our Chicks and business blog and see how it Goes If it works for me it can probably work For just about anybody chicks and And so so far it’s gone pretty well What’s uh Jody I’m sorry I’ve got you Muted you were uh Bleeding over a little bit there we go Now you can unmute So it’s chicks in business right okay and also they Um we’ll have a link on there so if they Want to actually join and follow along And do it while you’re doing it they can Absolutely you know do the 15 day Challenge let us know and uh and you Know hit me up talk uh send me a message And I’ll I’ll give you my I mean I feel

Like I’m giving my honest opinion here But we can talk about individual Circumstances too because I feel like That’s like what Karen said at the Beginning that’s what we’re doing is There’s so many people like us I don’t Know about well I know Jody and you guys Have were gainfully employed for your Whole lives but I basically made myself Unemployable by being a stay-at-home mom For 15 years I was an investment banker and all these Did all these other really cool things Nobody wants to know anymore so for Women like us who this is this is a big Deal like let’s talk about what programs Are going to work for for women yeah and Men and teenagers and you know anybody That’s a big part of what I do with mine I’m planning to use this program Um on my little my little petri dish Experiment site which is Which is homeschool distance learning And that’s really I’m going hardcore in There on teen entrepreneurship and all Of it also can can bleed over not bleed Over but it can also work equally well For stay-at-home moms so there’s a lot Of stuff that the teens or stay at home Moms can do to get yourself into that Entrepreneurship without diving in head First there’s a lot of business and most Of the the reputable businesses that I I Talked to that I do their programs one

Of the first things they say is get some Sort of job get some sort of something That gets you some seed Capital because There’s almost nothing that you can do No business that you can start from zero Money you know you can be an Uber driver And you can be you know you can get a Gig on Fiverr and be a gig person but if You’re going to start a business and the Three of us have talked about this over And over again you have to do some sort Of advertising you have to do some sort Of there’s got to be some way for you to Get eyeballs on your stuff the best most Beautiful site in the world the best Offer the best class if nobody sees it Nobody’s going to buy it so yeah Pretty much pay to play out there these Days so yeah it’s a legendary marketer You think is going to help you get more Get more eyeballs I do I do that was one Of the things that that I’ve noticed About a lot of these programs is they do Teach you the how they teach you how to Write a prayer how to write a website How to write a blog how to put Um get all your knowledge out there and And create a really good really Fantastic program And then they say okay well you know you Can do organic traffic just put it out On Facebook There’s nobody out on Facebook you know They’ve seen me go through 20 or 30

Iterations of different things you know I’m sure they all just kind of Click Past whatever new business Julie’s doing So no uh there that doesn’t work for me And telling me somebody just to run Facebook ads that is a A a sprawling psychological experiment Trying to figure out Facebook ads like You can’t there’s no just oh go figure It out like it is enormous and changing Every single day And I know people who have been Personally friends of mine not friends Of friends but friends of mine that I Work with in this community who can make Twenty thousand dollars a month selling Things on Facebook and then the next Month their ads are so expensive they Can’t run their business anymore yeah And I think that’s I definitely think That’s a conversation that we could we Could have at another Point uh to talk About all that stuff because it is kind Of crazy yeah anything else about Legendary marketing marketer excuse me No I’d say for anybody who’s listening Try it out for yourself let’s get into Account you know join the conversation I’m going to be doing this for the next God knows a year so uh you know let’s Let’s talk about it and see there’s Plenty of other programs that this is Not the right one for you we’re going to Be reviewing the heck out of some stuff

So don’t stop because it’s just because You don’t like a legendary marketer but Um I think we as a group kind of Committed the guinea pig to go out and See is so popular and is so big and it Seems to be pretty thorough so let’s Give it a go why not all right Sounds good Jody you’re you’re muted but do you have Anything else you want to add Nope I think you did a great review There and uh we will see where we go From here all right thanks you all

legendary marketer review