Spoiler: Conversion Ai Has Acquired Shortlyai — What Does That Mean For Shortly Customers?

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1. Conversion.ai
2. Article Forge

It’s true! ShortlyAI has been acquired by Conversion AI (https://aicontentdojo.com/conversion-ai-marketer-centric-gpt-3-writing-app/)

I know there’s a lot of things being said about it and if you’re a Shortly customer you may be wondering what all this means for you. In this video, I try to answer that and share my thoughts.

One thing is for sure. The AI Content Dojo has so much more to do to help your content creation workflow. There are far more tools to cover than just Shortly, Conversion AI, and Frase. 🙂

The AI Content Dojo is eternal and you’re one of my ninjas. Thanks for being here and hanging with me. 🙌

* https://shortlyai.com/?via=chad
* https://conversion.ai/?fpr=aidojo

Dear viewer: if you purchase these services using the links above, they will give me a small commission to help support the AI Content Dojo — at no extra cost to you. Thank you! 🙏

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