Social Media Content Planning, Scheduling & Marketing Made Easy with – Mari Smith

Content Marketing Magic! How to PLAN, PUBLISH and ANALYZE your social media content … all in one place! Easy-peasy!

In this educational video, I share my very own content creation, curation and scheduling process, along with all the TOOLS I use to save time (and money!)!

This training is brought to you in partnership with the good folks at is a gorgeous visual calendar for planning and auto-publishing your social media content. This tool has so many amazing features, including an advanced approval and review process!

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See the companion slide deck here:

If you are more of a VISUAL learner, and you enjoy using ‘drag and drop’ platforms, and you’ve been looking for a social media content scheduling tool that integrates the PLANNING and co-creation elements, and includes ALL the social channels… ContentCal is your answer!!

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