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Hey guys, in this video I am going over literally All Shaco Builds and explain which is best plus why and when you should go for each.
I will talk about both strengths and weaknesses of each build, explain when you should go for each,
compare all of them and ultimately making a ranking list where I share my final thoughts on the whole idea of
Meta Shaco Builds.
Basically I’ll show you how to carry with Shaco using any build, be OP Meta or just a fun Build.

I am also comparing the AD play-style with the AP one, then give my view on what each is best at and when you should go for
either AD or AP Shaco.

Nonetheless, I hope you find this video useful and I hope you’ll be able to find a Build that suits you best.

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The songs used in this video’s background were taken from this playlist:
Best of Jazz Hop | The Jazz Hop Conspiracy, Vol 1
The link to it is here:
End Screen Song:

Other Songs Used For Memes:
Monsters Inc theme:
Dvrst – Close Eyes:
Doom Eternal OST – The Only Thing they Fear is You:
Drive Forever:


00:00 – Intro
01:16 – AD Shaco Best Items
01:54 – Which Is Better, AP Or AD?
03:41 – Duskblade Build
04:56 – All AD Runes
05:33 – Prowler’s Claw Build
07:43 – Eclipse Build
09:32 – Kraken Slayer Build
11:25 – Galeforce Build
12:41 – All 4 Bruiser Builds
13:18 – Trinity Force Build
14:15 – Stridebreaker Build
14:44 – Divine Sunderer Build
15:17 – Goredrinker Build
16:15 – All Bruiser Builds Compared & Ranked
17:02 – The Troll (Tank Build)
19:19 – The Int’er (AD Support Build)
21:06 – The “No Mythic Build” (Aka The Clone Build)
22:01 – One Million IQ Tip Time
23:04 – AP Shaco Best Items
24:12 – Liandry’s Classic AP Build
25:24 – AP Support Build
27:20 – Luden’s & Night Harvester Builds
28:20 – AP Builds Conclusion
28:46 – All Builds Compared
32:38 – Complete Tier List
32:50 – Make You Own Tier List
33:01 – Outro
33:26 – Surprise

Note: if the audio quality is somewhat different that’s because I moved into a new apartment and had no recording set-up at that time, thus
I had to make due with what I had.
Expect more gameplay videos in the future as now, after edting this video for one month I have also finished my new set-up! ^^
So, let’s gooo!


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