REVIEW OF COPY.AI : Is it any good?

The Top AI Copywriting Tools
2. Article Forge


Listen to me discuss the pros and cons of, a copywriting tool and how you can strategically use it to save TIME and ENERGY in writing blogs,articles, campaigns and social media ads AND increase your search!
Learn how to make the best use of AI to do the work for you!

So, what is

[]( is an AI powered copywriter who drafts blog posts, websites and e-mails for small businesses and entrepreneurs. By using natural language processing technology, it runs on an algorithm that takes inputs from you, such as your key selling points or facts about your business and turns them into great looking content in a matter of minutes – so you can spend more time focusing on what really matters.

What am I covering?
I’m writing a blog on ‘What to look for in a good realtor’ for my website by using’s writing tools. This is a live experience on how to take advantage of various tools like ‘Product description’,’Blog titles’ and ‘Bullet to paragraph’ to construct a blog without having to write a single sentence. This is also a showcase of how the AI infers from the input and generates data specific to real estate agents and their services.

Here is the link to the blog:

My takeaway:

I like [](’s interface because it is so easy to use! Their grammar correction is second to none. It is intuitive, and the support for the web app and desktop version are top notch. I also enjoyed their extensive array of blog tools. I can use it on days when I’m down on time and facing a writer’s block.

Let me know what you’d like to use it for on the comments. 🙂 #aireview #techreview #copywriting

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