Phonics fun ‘ai’ part 2 : learning to write words with ai digraph.

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Scottie Dottie is back in her art studio looking at the paintings made by the magic paintbrush – can you help her write the words that match the pictures with the ‘ai’ sound?

Welcome to the Scottie Dottie channel!
Come along and join Scottie Dottie as she helps children learn to read and write through having fun and using imaginary play using a whole range of ideas and resources but most importantly getting children CREATIVE and EXCITED to learn!

Scottie Dottie gained her B.Ed (Hons) in Primary Teaching at the University of Glasgow and has over 15 years experience teaching children in Scotland and abroad. Scottie Dottie has also taught 25+ nationalities with a keen focus on play in the Early Years and learning through the Arts.

With the pandemic causing mayhem with parents, teachers and kids Scottie Dottie is now at hand to help! Watch out for any new videos.
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