Outranking vs Frase vs Crawlq AI Content Marketing SEO Software Review & Walk Through

In this line up we have some of the heavy hitters of content optimization coming out to battle it off in a head to head review and walkthrough. They all have the ability to optimize your content to help generate better search engine results (who does like that! free traffic for the win, right?)

0:00 Intro
0:45 Outranking
25:03 Crawlq
39:38 Frase
43:27 Comparison of Free Frase vs Trail Outranking versions
43:48 Playing through the three tools one last time
49:37 Quick summary of Outranking, Crawlq & Frase
53:30 Outro

Outranking… see for yourself at https://go.practicallymarketing.com/outranking

Frase… frase.io

Currently available on the appsumo store (at the time of making this video)

I am not an expert, I am starting out on this journey but this is my first impressions. So they are likely to change and depending on your needs you might prefer one over the others differently. I would highly recommend having at least one of them in your tool belt and maybe more. I forgot to add NeuralText which is also a powerful content optimizing tool with AI writing within it. I would highly recommend looking into that as well.

These tools can be used in conjunction with other script writing tools like automaticscripts (https://go.practicallymarketing.com/automaticscripts) and funnelscripts to really support you in writing amazing sales copy that actually works!

Whether you run a small business (or business generally), are a marketing contractor (advertiser, etc) or in the education or coaching industries these optimization tools help you generate free traffic and inform protentional clients of the value you offer.

You can try all these tools risk free with either free accounts, free trial periods or money back guarantees

I also used Nichesss for AI content generation. Which is also in the appsumo store. You gotta love that site! https://go.practicallymarketing.com/appsumo

What tools do you use to optimize your content to generate free traffic?
Do you use AI at all in your process?

In the making of this video we used the follow tools…

OBS (for our screen capture/recorder) https://go.practicallymarketing.com/obs

We use Namecheap for our domain name register

https://lynxshort.com/​ which has an amazing deal on at the moment on the appsumo store, listed as ‘Branded Link Shortener’

Cloudflare for our DNS management which offers free accounts.

As well as we use…
*Laptop – Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop T470 Intel i5-6200U 2.4GHz, 500GB HDD,20GB RAM Win10 Pro (Webcam for recording)

*Microphone – PoP Voice Professional Lavalier Lapel Microphone Omnidirectional Condens

*Lights – house lights plus a flexible desk lamp

If you purchase anything through our links you are not charged anything extra. The price is the same the only difference is that we get rewards and bonuses if you happen to make a purchase on some of the links provided. So it is like a win-win 🙂 we like win-wins!

Hope you enjoyed the video, like us know what you think in the comments or visit our site at practicallymarketing.com for more information and links so you can join our marketing community where we can all share and learn together.

We want to help show you effective tools and processes, review and recommendation that support you in your marketing efforts (marketing in the board sense of the word, involving all your business activities and processes) so you can grow your small business as a soloprenuer or otherwise (any business really).

We wish to give you an insider view on the tools and system that we are using to build our business. So we can learn together on what works and what doesn’t work. We feel that by working together we can all benefit and reap the rewards.

What should our next video be about?

PS if you sign up for a Groovefunnels Platinum (all in one digital marketing solutions platform eg websites, sales funnels, eCommerce stores, email marketing, blogs, memberships etc) account through this link https://go.practicallymarketing.com/g… link we would like to give you a free Lynxshort account (a unlimited custom url re-director) just let us know once you have made your Groovefunnels purchase in our fb (facebook) community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/pract… and we will give you a url shorten, re-director account for free as a thank you!
ps this offer is limited we only have a certain number of accounts to give away in Lynxshort.

Other lifetime deals which you might find incredibly useful can also be found at…
Saas mantra – https://go.practicallymarketing.com/saasmantra10offnew
Dealify – https://go.practicallymarketing.com/dealify
Deal Mirror – https://go.practicallymarketing.com/dealmirror

A free business automation can be found at
https://go.practicallymarketing.com/integrately if your into that kind of thing 🙂

Thanks for reading and watching 🙂

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