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This tutorial shows how to use Nichesss and ClosersCopy together to great effect.

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Niches$$ and Closers Copy are two great pieces of copywriting software. While Nichesss is a pure copywriting AI, ClosersCopy includes a number of different tools including a less robust AI copywriter, a template library, and a minimalist text editor.

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ClosersCopy also has some great built in text checking tools. With a couple of clicks you can easily test the emotion and sentence structure of your work, as well as look at several other important factors.

Using Nichesss and Closers Copy together is a great combination, because you can pair the myriad of AI copy tools in Niches$$ with the text editor, templates, and other tools in ClosersCopy.

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Nichesss Review and Tutorial:

How to Use ClosersCopy:

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