Mijn Day Trading setup – Day Traden op de Amerikaanse beurs

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πŸ“ŠMijn naam is Kevin Timmer en ik day trade full time de Amerikaanse stockmarket. Daarnaast help ik mensen uit Nederland & Belgie om hetzelde te doen.

Why Over 30% of Investors Are Using Stock Chart Analysis Software

Stock chart analysis software is used by more than one third of all investors of the stock market today and for good reason. These are programs which anticipate behavior in the stock market by comparing stock behavior of the past to the present. They look at the factors which lead to profitable appreciations in stocks of the past and then compare that to real-time stocks in order to find overlaps to further investigate. If you’ve been interested in getting into the stock market but have been wary of the risk associated with it or simply aren’t making the kind of money that you want, consider these three reasons to use stock chart analysis software.

Share Trading Successfully On The Stock Market Is Easier Than You Think

A lot of people have an interest in share trading and the stock market but do not understand how it really works. This article provides an inside guide to trading successfully with shares.

Is The Stock Market Being Manipulated?

Is the stock market being manipulated? The market, as everyone knows, has become extremely volatile. It is moving triple digits one way, then without any apparent rhyme or reason, suddenly changes direction. It moves so fast that not even experienced traders can react fast enough. How is this possible and why is it happening? Read this article about market manipulation.

Options 101 – How Do Options Work?

Do you ever wonder how the Options work and does it all sound Greek to you when other people are talking about Calls and Puts? We’ll cover basic of Options in this article.

The Economy’s Real Problems!

Some of this week’s economic reports provided at least small sparkles in the dark shadows that have dominated economic reports so far this year. Unfortunately, they were overwhelmed by larger negatives and increased odds of a recession.

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