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On today’s WUL, JoAnn talks with Ashton Wilson. Ashton used to be cardiac physiologist and personal trainer and now own his own marketing agency. Today he shares how he found Legendary and why he took the training, how he was able to take what he learned and start his own agency, why consistency is highly important, and much more.

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[Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Hello everybody welcome it is Tuesday Another episode of wake up legendary I’m So excited to be here and guest hosting For the day Um it is November 15th and today we have A special guest who did go through the Education and he used it in a little bit Different way than most of our students And members of legendary so I’m super Excited to share his story his journey Um how he’s taken his education and run With it with you today so definitely hop On get together grab your notebook grab Your coffee whatever you need Um and we have a packed episode for sure Today so without further Ado let me Bring on our guest today Ashton Ashton welcome to the show this Morning morning hi how’s it going how Are you today Doing well so I know Obviously by the title we have a Marketing agency but let’s before we Dive into all of that goodness and where You’re at right now Um share with us your back story what Were you looking for that you fell into Legendary’s world and how you found the Challenge to begin with yeah absolutely Phenomenal question by the way

Um so I had recently graduated with my Master’s Degree and I was like personal Training and stuff like that and I uh I Was actually started working in a Hospital and after about nine months Um I just felt like I needed something Like a bit different it was like I was Kind of the reason why I was getting my Masters I felt like I was like kind of Chasing something so like I was trying To find something more to achieve and Then it once I got the hospital job I Was like very stagnant so I was like I Need something that’s gonna You know either make me just some extra Money or give me some extra worth Um so I found legendary marketer and Um I was like okay affiliate marketing Like this is this is awesome like There’s a lot of really useful Information here so I went through it And well that’s that’s mainly how I Found you guys so I just felt stagnant In life and I wanted something more so That’s okay so back up you have a Master’s degree in what uh exercise Physiology okay so we have a master’s Degree yes yeah Stuck I did yes yeah Why do you think that is what were you Hoping the Master’s Degree would bring You that it just didn’t

Um I mean I think it comes back to Partially money and then fulfillment Like I feel like Um the only reason I went for my Master’s Degree was because I thought it Was going to fulfill me a little bit More give me better opportunities and You know end up paying me more money Which would let me you know allow me to Buy a house or a family stuff like that Right and it just doesn’t and it didn’t No no I felt it took nine months for me To realize I was like this isn’t what I Want to do like I can’t do this every Day for the next 40 years Wow so you needed to find something that Kind of just filled your cup brought More purpose to you exactly yeah is that What it is yeah yeah 100 So you found first heard about legendary Did you jump in like the first Tick Tock You saw I don’t know where you saw it so Share everything’s a little bit of that Story so as you probably know uh social Media is really good at throwing stuff At you when you once you click on one ad Like there’s just like uh everything’s Thrown at you at once so Um I came across the 15 day challenge And then I was after like day five I was I was so I was like this this stuff Makes so much sense like just Um by day five I think you understand The industry enough to know that it’s

Probably going to work if you put the Work into it so um I jumped right yeah Yeah Um so I jumped on a call after like day Five and got the uh business blueprints Um before I even finished the 15 day Challenge I still finished afterwards But then I went right into the to the Blueprints okay nice I love it so at That point you’re just thinking I’m Gonna do affiliate marketing and that’s It right yes 100 that’s what I was Thinking so talk to us about how you who Started learning And then you ended up where you’re at Now and what you’re doing yeah so Um first I want to say that the decade In a in a day training is worth way more Than what that’s where I got like the Majority of my information like I was Able I was ready to go out there and Start doing the thing whenever I Finished the decade of the day Um So yeah I started setting up my ads After a decade in a day where I did it While going through it started setting Up the ads practicing learning about how To Um copyright just so that my Descriptions could be on point and Captivating Um learn how to make images and stuff Like that and I think I ran like one

Affiliate marketing trial and got a Probably made like 25 in commission Which is cool Um and then I decided I was like I feel Like instead of just like doing online Products I feel like this method would Be really useful to just helping like Local businesses in general Um so I started taking everything I Learned about click funnels and Integrations to be able to anytime Someone opts in to funnel their Information to somewhere else where you Can see their name email phone number Um and then I decided to start working With businesses and at the time I was Just working with anyone at all so Um small business loan companies Um gym owners to dentists whatever I Would just work with anyone Um and I realized it wasn’t it’s kind of Hard when you’re trying to work with Everyone at once because then you have To know a little bit about every Industry so I said let’s Niche down And I started working with just gym Owners and that’s when I started gym Closers Um and now it’s kind of evolved to the Point where I’m utilizing the same Methods but now I have like a CRM Software that I use that makes Everything connects everything into one Place right

Um and I coached them on like once the Leads come through the gym owner gets a Notification and I coach them on sales And Lead nurturing to be able to get Them in the door of their gym so that’s Kind of where we’re at now Wow I love that love love love I know so In some ways I I totally relate to the Story personally but I think this is the Missing piece so many people going Through the education of legendary myths They get so like this is the lane I’m in When Giving you so much education that if you Just really open your mindset to now What’s possible I now have these skills Which of these skills can I apply that I Love doing which of you know you can Just you can use these high earning Income skills yeah yeah so many Different ways it doesn’t have to be Just affiliate marketing there’s just so Much out there that you can do with it And run with it Um because every single business is Looking for someone With these skills every small business Every gym out there needs someone like Ashton who now has these skills to walk Them through the process that have no Desire to do marketing themselves And now you have it and you You’re in demand And it’s pretty cool

Yeah I mean it’s it’s amazing like I Think people need to really like Understand how important it is like it’s Um just knowing how to do the Integration just everything in decade And a day if you can if you can teach Yourself watch it a few times and know How to do everything in decade in a day Without having to watch the video once You get to the point we’re able to do it On your own like there’s so much work For you to do uh like if you don’t want To do affiliate marketing I mean there’s Go to upwork and people are paying Thousands of dollars to just make a Landing page that that will draw Customers and integrate it for them like It’s it’s insane just learning click Funnels any funnel Builder building out A simple autoresponder sequence there’s People that pay just for you to Integrate their funnel to their Autoresponder Right so there’s all of these little Skills that as a freelance digital Marketer because that’s what we all are Becoming Um the sky’s the limit of what you can Do with your education Would you agree how do you feel about That yeah absolutely I mean I think like The Honestly everything that I’ve learned is Worth more than my college degree and I

Feel like Um like all the way up to my Master’s Degree I But it’s probably it’s been a total of Like 80 60 to 60 to 80k and Um yeah and now I’m feeling more Fulfilled and Um it’s not all about money but I’m Making more money as well and it’s just Like it’s I don’t know it’s it’s just Crazy that it’s the skill set that’s Important it’s not a degree all the time Um Yeah you just need to be like valuable To the marketplace and what you guys are Teaching is exactly that so right yeah Definitely so how long have when did you First launch the agency Um let’s see I would say about Late June okay great job yeah so what Has been your biggest win With starting that What’s up with one big win something You’re super excited about in this Journey uh biggest win was definitely uh Three months ago when I signed up my First like real client so Um my first client was someone that I Knew that I previously worked for Obviously it’s easier to approach Someone that you know and be like hey Let me try this new thing for you Um and it went really well like um we Had a thousand dollars of AD spend that

He was willing to put in for the next Month so went really well uh he made Like uh seven times Roi so he off his One thousand dollar investment we made Seven thousand dollars in sign ups for Personal training which is awesome Um and then I started running my own ads Because I felt more confident and I Signed up my first like Called lead that I had no idea who this Person was that was the biggest win Because then I was like this is really Real I can do this this is proof and we Can keep going with it and it proves Your adword right there was a conversion There that you’re learning that skill Set you’re getting better at it and the Business is growing I love that Yeah So when did you Niche down to just gym Owners was it right at the start in June Or a couple months later Um it was a couple months later so I started with a gym uh in the beginning And then I would say August mid August to yeah mid-august is When I decided to Niche down and just do Gyms because I realized that doing every Just everyone is isn’t going to be a Scalable like I can make a lot of if I Just work with gym owners I can have Templates for my ads I can have Templates for how to nurture the leads Um sales script templates like I can

Just it’s I can make it a copy and paste System that I know that works after Doing it a few times right and then Eventually you can have your high ends One-on-one service with high touch or You can take everything you’ve already Built out and have a little Packaged Gym you know in a box type marketing Thing that someone could pay monthly for Right yeah I’m I’m thinking about that Actually yeah you can really start to Expand in different ways and then As the This is where being open is huge being Open to what’s possible not only when You’re learning but when you’re building A business too because you can start Hearing from your clients oh I wish I Had this or you hear that they’re now Paying someone else for social media oh Let’s get you a social media pack let me Hire somebody that can help us with that And that’s how your business keeps Progressing growing Um and finding really what you can do to Keep that client All under your roof for the longest Period of time yeah yeah right very cool I love it so are you doing Any personal training still or just your Agency now just agency no personal Training okay yeah so on the side uh I Helped like um in sales a little bit

With some businesses just like closing Sales and I earned commissions off of That but yeah for the most part it’s Just like I’m going full-fledged in my Business right now So money aside What’s been the biggest shift in your Life From going from this to Sticking the path that everyone thought That you’re supposed to do with the Master’s degree and the full-time job Making what’s been the biggest shift in Your life I think it’s exactly that it’s Just like the realization of That that’s not what it takes to be Fulfilled like in it can be like you Know everybody’s a little bit different Um but a lot of the videos especially in Blueprints um David Sharp is like really motivational With what he says and he’s very Realistic and like he explains that There is a way to be more fulfilled and It’s by learning like the valuable skill Set Um that you guys are teaching uh and I Re I just realized that it’s like Now I feel like I’m actually chasing Something like if that makes sense like I feel like there is a larger goal and There is more purpose like in my life I Feel fulfilled I wake up and I’m a Little more excited every day so it’s

It’s not like Um Like eight months ago whenever I was Working at the hospital like I was just I felt like I was just really in a Routine and going through the motions And I I knew there was something more But I didn’t quite know Um so yeah I think it’s just like the Purpose of of everything is it feels a Lot more fulfilling like you’re kind of Already at the finish line and you’re Like is this it I’m done Yeah right like there’s nothing more to Learn achieve grow expand there’s no Level of expansion yeah um and that There is now very cool was there ever Worry doubt in this process for you that You needed to open absolutely yeah a lot Lots of worry and doubt which Um It’s hard to especially when you’re Doing something a bit different like Starting a business and trying to grow Something like this worry in doubt is Going to be like the only thing that Holds you back Um but it’s like forcing yourself to Stay in that motivational state And because if you do something for long Enough eventually you’re going to get Good at it and when you get good at it Especially if it’s marketing then There’s no issues to run into like if

You get good at marketing you can Market Yourself so yeah Um but I just understood that like okay Like I’m gonna run into hiccups I just Started something completely new but as Long as I stay persistent and keep the Ambition high and I don’t get Discouraged Um that I can keep pursuing this to the Point where At least I believe that I’m successful With what I tried to do Right so for those that are in the They’re they’re in the muck right now They’re feeling stuck they’re feeling That feeling of Super discouraged frustrated What helped you go you know what I’m Gonna keep going Um That’s a great question I think it was just seeing the light at The end of the tunnel Um like I realized I wasted a lot of Money in time I wouldn’t say wasted Um but wasted a lot of money and time Like pursuing other things that weren’t Really Um keeping me fulfilled and I think it’s Just realizing that like if you really Do just be persistent and continue like You’re gonna have that aha moment that Changes everything you’re going to be Like okay this is real like whether it’s

A first commission or first client Whatever it may be Um like people don’t realize how close It really is like it seems so far away Because you haven’t achieved it but it’s Literally right there like you just you Need to keep digging just a little bit More It’s almost like what do you think it’s Almost like if you focus too much on the Result You’re gonna it’s gonna be harder but if You just every day just go this is my Process this is I’m Gonna Keep learning I’m gonna keep trying I’m Gonna Keep Applying I’m gonna keep taking action Let’s see what today brings Let’s see what this ad looks like let’s See what this video does just post it See what happens and Release the expectations I feel like I feel like that’s helped me whenever I I release the expectation so to speak Yeah it’s a little bit easier to just Keep going than I have to have I have to have my first High ticket Commission in 10 days I’ve Totally heard that I’ve seen it in the Group like they set these I hate the idea of goals almost it’s More like we just need to have Objectives of the journey Yeah would you agree disagree with your Thoughts when you hear that yeah

Absolutely I don’t know if you’ve ever Heard of the book Atomic habits but um There is a part in this book where he Explains like if you have an ice cube You set it on the table in a zero degree Fahrenheit room and then you increase by One degree every single day like it Doesn’t change State at all until it Hits 32 degrees and then there’s a Massive change where it goes from Frozen To Melting Um and it’s kind of the same thing like With your habits it’s like you could be Changing and shifting and working on This and getting a little bit better Every single day and maybe it’s just Like all you are is just one change in Your copywriting skills and then you Make that change and then you start Getting more clicks and you start Getting more commissions and like that’s When everything shifts Yeah but nothing will shift unless you Keep going exactly unless you keep doing It Otherwise you’re just guaranteeing To stay stuck stay stagnant Yeah and sometimes it’s asking yourself Are he Because you’re choosing that when you Don’t take action you’re choosing to Stay stuck How do you feel about that choice You know yeah like you went to that

Stage of I don’t feel good about this Choice of being in this job and at the Hospital have gone through gotten your Masters and You were gonna make a different choice And that’s really where it starts yeah Yeah at first at first it feels a little Scary but I think yeah Um it was Like I didn’t want to be in the position I was in so much that I think the Like even though there was a lot of risk It was I knew that there was a zero Percent chance of being fulfilled in the Industry that I was in and there is Unlimited potential in this industry to Be fulfilled because you can really do Whatever you want once you learn the Skills Um so just seeing that there’s a better Likelihood of like getting somewhere With making that risk although it comes With more risk I I just felt it was Worth it Yeah Well it’s like I don’t see I don’t know If I agree with more risk I guess people If you commit that this is the path That’s really what we do with Going to school getting a job Yeah there’s still risk involved it just May be a little bit different I guess It’s money monetary is that Here’s your paycheck but man look at all

What else you lose out on I know yeah Kind of step out of your comfort zone Yeah I I would agree Um I guess when I say more risk I mean Like the traditional idea of more risks Like doing something different like You’re deviating away from everything That you ever learned and trying to Learn something new to earn an income That way and that sounds risky like when You say it out loud but it’s it’s really Less risky In some ways because you’re more excited To do it so you’re more you actually Have more chance Of success that you’re looking for Because you’re committed to it Yeah absolutely sometimes following a Path that you’re not into you’re just Waiting for somebody to tell you what to Do all the time Yeah I agree yeah 100 yeah Did you have Family friend support when you made this Transition or was there some Questioning of your choices uh luckily I Had some pretty Um good support around me especially my Girlfriend she’s extremely supportive Like it’s it’s helpful when you have Someone that is telling you to keep Going instead of like If you had a friend group that was like Saying oh don’t do that no just stick

With your job and try to get a raise or Something like that like that would be Really discouraging but luckily I had a Good circle of people Um that were really supportive of what I Was doing Yeah that definitely helps for sure I personally I I’ve been in a group of People that were Just so stuck in a nine to five mindset And stuck in the it’s okay and what you Do is you complain about your boss your Manager your job And That’s what you do like that was the Normal and it’s like well quit if you’re So unhappy And I realized I needed to separate Myself from that group like it was Holding me back and it’s okay to make Those changes and to grow Um and find a new group of people that Have the same viewpoints and are Encouraging with your next steps You know yeah absolutely I think that’s Super important and that’s one of the Things I learned is that you’re gonna Probably lose a lot of people uh along The way just because I realized whenever I started doing this It just it was a little bit different And I stopped like I was spending time On this instead of like going out on the Weekends or whatever it may be and then

People just stopped talking to you Because you’re not doing the things that They’re doing so Um that’s something I learned along the Way for sure yeah well they don’t have The vision for it yeah they don’t want To and that’s like okay bye love you I Hope you have a great life yeah yeah I Had Um I had one old friend whenever I was Doing this he was like he was like wow Like that’s really cool that you started A business you’re getting really good at This marketing thing and he’s like you Should start applying to marketing jobs Instead and I was like why I don’t get it uh I I’d rather run my Business I mean technically yes you can For it I could yeah sitting here you can Do this all on your own and build your Own business you can go post on upwork And get jobs that way and do different Freelance things you can start applying To any and all marketing jobs that are Posted all over the place because you Have the skills that people are looking For and that’s the piece that Think a lot of our new students Don’t realize If you really want the nine to five you Can go have it in marketing because you Now have the skills but you can also do All of these other things with it it’s The education is just solid it’s there

And Especially in a recession every business Needs marketing no business can exist Without marketing It’s one of the sought after Skill sets out there so when you you Learn it The sky’s the limit Absolutely yeah I am I I think it’s it’s amazing it’s just Amazing the opportunity that it brings Like because you you can really I mean learn these skills and you can Start your own business continue to do The affiliate marketing you could get a Marketing job if you wanted to like There’s just there’s so much room for to Do whatever you want to do right So in your agency are we using affiliate Links with our clients Uh we are not using affiliate links okay Okay we probably should be using Affiliates And a way to expand Set up any certain software things they Need we hand out we use an affiliate Link and now you have that next piece of Income stream so that’s something about As you’re growing yeah um for sure Um because you might as well right I Know that’s a great idea actually yeah So what what’s next for you what’s the Next 12 months look like Um next 12 months

I plan on moving here pretty soon so Right now I’m in Chicago Illinois but um I want to grow as much as I can in the Next six months and then I plan on moving in six months Um Grow a little bit more and eventually I Want to get to the point where I’m Teaching Other people in the fitness industry how To do what I did that that’s like the End goal I would love to be able to just Show people like hey You can do like learn these skills and You can do this instead So oh I love it Super excited about that so everyone Always wants to know this what’s a day In a life Are you working 12 hours a day what is What does your day look like now it’s Not to the the nine to five job Yeah uh so I started out working 12 Hours a day whenever I was like studying And learning everything Um now it’s I have my ads running I have Like cold email automation running so It’s I wake up check my emails Um and Look at how my ads are doing look at how Everything’s going for my clients like How their ads are going go work out come Back home Um see if I have any scheduled

Appointments and then those would be Like sales calls Um And probably have like five on a four or Five on a normal day a couple no shows Um Onboarding clientele About Maybe once every couple weeks but for The most part now everything that Everything’s in place it’s a lot of it’s Automated so I don’t have to do a whole Lot it’s not too much Right and now you have you have freedom To decide what time of day you do all of Those things usually Um set your schedule Um but yeah at the beginning if you can Put in the time a little bit extra Effort to set things up Pays off Yeah and dividends afterwards Absolutely just is working for you Instead of always on it Yeah yeah absolutely All right so for anyone Either just starting out in the Challenge trying to figure things out That’s watching right now What’s your best piece of advice Um I think it’s just Put put in the time and be persistent Like if I think

Um obviously taking action is really Important But if you have the knowledge to go with The action like I said if you can do Everything that’s in decade in a day Without watching the video I think You’re going to be absolutely Unstoppable and then it’s just Increasing the skills that go with that Like the copy rating writing even the Copy for the emails like that’s a whole Job in itself like people hire email Copywriters like yeah pay them really Good money Um so just learn the little skills that Go into it setting up the ads Copywriting for the ads Working canva and making a nice little Graphic like it it’s all going to come Together eventually you’re gonna get Good enough at all those little skills And you’re gonna know all this bulk of Information from decade in a day you’re Just gonna you’re gonna crush it And just keep going right yeah Absolutely I I know you feel the frustration you Feel the discouragement right but it’s Because you’re learning something new And it that’s okay you just gotta stand Up keep going keep learning it it gets Easier each day that you do it it gets Easier going live it gets easier Creating videos it gets easier creating

Images for canva it gets easier writing Emails Um But it doesn’t unless you keep going Exactly that’s definitely the key here Well I love what you’ve done with your Education and starting your agency I Want updates Email me all the time okay have you back On in the next few months maybe when You’re ready to start making the move And okay Um check back in and we’ll get you back On here when Dave’s here you guys can Talk shop and all of that good stuff Um and if you would like to follow Ashton and check out what he’s doing Obviously it’s for his agency he’s Targeting gym owners Um but it’s just a great way to see what Someone else is doing how are they’re Promoting it what are they using what Tactics all of that good stuff um Definitely go give them a follow on Instagram at gym closers Um and check out exactly what he has Going on Um and if anything open up your mind to What’s possible as you’re learning these Skills because the sky’s the limit guys Definitely So thanks for coming on today Ashton I Really appreciate it absolutely thank You guys for having me I really

Appreciate it All right awesome take care we’ll talk Soon All right everyone I hope it was a great Episode Um to just help you see What is possible if you just keep going Keep learning keep applying Ask help ask questions when you need it Um Feeling discouraged feeling frustrated Is all part of the process of learning Something new And It’s normal and I think it’s okay to Realize it’s normal to feel overwhelmed Sometimes it’s normal to feel Frustration and it’s okay to ask for Help ask questions and all of that good Stuff so reach out to support ask Questions in the group if you’re in Marketers Club hop into Monday’s calls Ask questions there if you’re in Blueprints you have Thursdays with Matt You can ask questions there but you can Always pop into our legendary group ask Questions or reach out to support or Your BPA we’re here to help anyways Tomorrow we will be back with another Episode Matt will be hosting have a Great Tuesday everyone and as always Stay legendary [Music] Foreign


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