Market Review by TeleTrade, 19 April: Stock futures fall in overnight trading after Dow

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One Indicator to Beat the Crash

Many investors are looking for ways to avoid the dangers of a market crash similar to 2008. The best, and most conservative, way is to follow the VIX – aka the fear index.

Do Robots Dream of Profits?

Most millennials don’t see robots as the world-destroying nightmares shown in movies. And this has made them a generation eager to adopt this new tech boom.

Has Real Estate Hit Its Peak?

With the Federal Reserve set to announce its latest interest-rate decision tomorrow afternoon, we’re left staring down the possibility of a rate hike. What could this mean for real estate?

All-In for the Internet of Things Trend

Wise, big bettors are good at maximizing their advantage. In financial markets, the advantage that wise, big bettors have is information and understanding of the potential of an idea.

New Money Hitting Wall Street

Previously lumped in with financials, REITs will soon have their own sector on the S&P 500. And the added liquidity should open the floodgates for new cash to flow into real estate.

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