Live Chat Triggers & Automated greetings

In this first video of Crisp tips of the week, we’re going to cover some tips about Live Chat greetings and how you can set them up to automate customer engagement.

Live chat greetings also known as welcome messages are a fantastic way to boost your conversion. By sending automated messages from the chatbox based on users’ behavior, you can contextualize your message to offer better consistency for your leads or customers.

Sending a welcome message through a live chat widget is a great way for you and your team to improve your lead generation and to build proactive customer support.

Through this video, you’ll understand how to build powerful and efficient chat messages that are automated.

Based on Behavior, time spent, URL parameters… And multiple other things that allow you to send a timely message.

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Hosted By: Antoine
Category: Marketing and Sales

0:00 Introduction
0:29 Quick explanation about automated chat message
0:48 Tips N°1 about automated welcome messages with a chat software
1:22 Tips n°2: How to send a targeted message based on special events
1:25 “On leave Intent”
4:40 “On click on a link”
6:00 “On Custom Data” or “On user Event”
8:10 Fine tuning targeting options
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