Live Chat Software Feature Explained: Communication HelpDesk App

Did you know that having Live Chat Software can reduce customer support queries by 51%?

Every growing company needs to have Live Chat software, we have it too!
Check it out: 🙌

Are you looking for a reliable #HelpDesk Solution that has a “Live Chat” feature?
Presenting Communication, the newest software solution by Little SaaS.

Communication helps your teamwork more efficiently and effectively 🙌

With Communication, you can:

✅ Organize all your conversations
A shared team inbox allows you to have important conversations right where they are needed when they are needed.

✅ Stay in the loop
Communication makes it simple to follow conversations or find important information in an easily searchable archive.

✅ Get focused
Unlike using multiple emails or messaging apps, Communication lets you choose which conversations are most important – and which can wait.

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