Live Chat Best Practices – Tips for Customer Support Professionals

Adopting a live chat support software isn’t the only way for you to improve customer support. You also need to know live chat best practices to make the most out of the tool. In this video, we have covered the different live chat benefits and how to use live chat software during various scenarios.

So, let’s deep dive!

Best Practice 1: Engage Visitors on Specific Pages

One of the live chat best practices ( is to keep your visitors engaged at different pages, mostly where they are bound to convert.

0:44 – These can be high value pages such as pricing and shopping cart pages. You can also set them at 404 error pages to avoid bounce rate.

0:51 – Just set rules for chat triggers to give your visitor a simple nudge towards engaging in a conversation.

Best Practice 2: Add Multilingual Support

1:18 – One of the most known live chat software tips is to connect with your customers by offering help in their native language.

1:23 – Get a live chat that supports 70+ languages to ease your communication customers.

Best Practice 3: Share the Right Message at the Right Time

This practice emphasizes on the importance of live chat.

1:45 – All you have to do is understand when a visitor might leave your website or when they are stuck and need help.

1:50 – Your operators can monitor visitors in real-time and manually initiate a chat in case they show exit intent or when they need help.

Best Practice 4: Offer Self-Help

2:11 – Customers appreciate when brands deliver 24*7 support. And, a self-help repository allows you to move in the same direction faster.

2:19 – Integrate knowledge base to your live chat to reduce chat tickets up to 80% (

Best Practice 5: Monitor Visitors in Real-time

Another way to see how live chat works is to make use of visitor monitoring feature (

2:41 – Allow operators to monitor visitors’ behavior on the website, understand their intent, and provide support in strategic moments.

Best Practice 6: Focus on Improving The Overall Experience

3:21 – A holistic support experience prompts your customers to return. Live chat tools like ProProfs Chat (, automate your sales process by integrating popular CRM and email marketing platforms (

3:37 – Capture qualified leads and store them to your CRM platform.

3:42 – Later, send the latest product updates and upcoming discounts to your CRM contacts to boost sales via Announcement feature.

Best Practice 7: Improve Customer Experience With Insightful Reports

4:11 – Another best practice that emphasizes the importance and benefit of live chat software is to understand how your operators performed during individual chat sessions to improve customer experience going forward.

4:22 – For this view reports like chat ratings, missed chats reports, ticket reports, individual operator rating, timesheets, and more.

4:31 – Based on these and other chat reports (, you can train your operators to make sure that every customer experience turns out to be a delightful one.

With these live chat best practices, you can make the most out of your live chat support software effectively!

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