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Why Invest in Canada

Canada is a fantastic choice for foreign investors. A country with a Triple-A credit rating by Standard & Poor’s as well as Moody’s, Canada provides the opportunity to invest confidently in a country with inbound FDI totaling $446 billion (2006) and a #1 ranking among G7 economies for GDP growth over 1997-2006.

Do You “Like” Facebook’s IPO?

Who knew that in 2004 when Facebook was launched by Mark Zuckerberg, that it would have an active monthly user base of over 800 million people today, be the third largest United States based Web Company and be the second most accessed website in the world. It has allowed us to share, communicate and market on a massive global scale. The concept is ingenious.

Who Should Invest? Where, When and How Should I Invest?

So you have some money stashed in your savings account that you want to grow, but bank interest rates are so low it won’t get you anywhere. To keep up with the inflation, you need to find a way to invest and grow those savings.

Stock Trading And Technical Analysis – A Perfect Match

Technical analysis is the study of past patterns, price action and volume to predict future movements. Despite claims to the contrary, technical analysis is extremely useful in stock trading, because it helps identify periods where market participants went to work either buying or selling. Understanding where these events took place, and how, can be extremely valuable in your trading.

Natural Gas Stock Investments

Everyone knows that the key to a strong portfolio is diversity. Stocks should make up a sizable portion of an investor’s portfolio, but which stocks should you pick? Consider investing in natural gas stocks as well as other energy stocks as this sector is in very high demand, and will continue to be in the foreseeable future.

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