Learn How to Use the Benzinga Pro Audio Squawk Tool

The Best Software For Trading
Benzinga Pro is the leading reaserch and analyses software platform for traders in 2021 who want exclusive analyses, insider CEO comments and a reliable market news source. This trading news platform has established itself as the go-to platform for stock traders who want quick access to what’s happening in the financial and trading industry.
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How to Invest in Stocks: Stocks That Serve As A Portfolio Cushion

For nine years in a row stock market has been bullish. Investors fear that companies are traded at extremely overvalued prices, which will eventually be revealed and end in a market pullback. We’ve picked three relatively safe stocks that may help to protect you in times of uncertainties.

Tesla Up 1,081%: The Big Bet to Make Now

Tesla’s success is just one indicator of how electric vehicles are set to utterly revolutionize the car market despite what the pessimists predicted. And it’s set to go even higher.

Apple Is No Longer a ‘Sure Thing’ Investment

Everyone on Wall Street is praising Apple’s quarterly results. However, they’re overlooking some key risks that could negatively affect Apple’s stock.

You’re a Biased Investor

We all have a natural tendency to want to invest in our home countries. However, an investor in any number of international indexes has done much better.

Nimble Investors Win in the Trump Economy

Stock market news has continued to weigh heavily toward politics compared to the usual economic indicators, stock news and even earnings. After nine months, how much longer can this continue?

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