Learn 8 proven strategies to make your landing pages effective

If you are marketing on Digital Media, obviously you must have heard about Landing Pages at some point in time.

So what are these landing pages? How to make them effective? I have 8 suggestions on the same. So let’s discuss these 8 points in today’s video.

So what is Landing Page?
If we have to answer it technically then, any page on which an audience can land is a landing page.

But, from a marketing perspective, there is essentially one difference.
On the website, there is a lot of information but a landing page is always focused on a single objective.

Normally after reaching this page, the audience shares their personal information like an email address to enter the next step in the sales funnel.

To achieve your conversion objective it is necessary to have an effective landing page.

And today we are going to talk about 8 points by implementing them you can increase the effectiveness of your landing page.

Point Number 01 Focus on above the fold: When you are looking at the website and the area you see without scrolling is known as Above The Fold.

You have to ensure your headline, offer and CTA button must be covered above the fold so the user need not scroll.

Point Number 02 Match the promise of ad or social content: In your ad or social content, If you are talking about a product then ensure when a user reaches your landing page there is an elaborated version about the same product.

Don’t talk about your company over there. Don’t give a surprise to your target audience. Match their expectations with the right information.

Point Number 03 Take a minimalist approach: Focus on a single conversion objective on this page. Don’t include your home page or other page links or POPups on the landing page.

Point Number 04 Include Social Proof: Social proof can help you in enhancing trust. So on this page include a few testimonials.
Include the person’s name, designation and what they do define that. If you have permission mention their social media links. This will enhance your authenticity and people have trust in your offer.

Point Number 05 Make it mobile-friendly: Ensure your landing page is easy to navigate on mobile, it loads fast and elements are easy to click.
Because these days most industries see growth in mobile users for the internet and everything else.

Point Number 006 Keep your form short: Collect only required information in the landing page form. If you need only an email id don’t collect their name.

Normally everyone wants to collect maximum data about their target audience. But, resist such desire and collect only required information.

Point Number 07 Keep your content concise: Ensure your content is clear and straightforward. The focus should be on product or offer, use simple language and bullet points. Ultimately keep it concise.

Point Number 08 Go for A/B Test of landing page: When you are creating a landing page you might have confusion among options of a headline or you might face difficulty in deciding on image selection.

Therefore you should create separate versions and test them.

But remember this, when you are testing at a time test only one element so over a period of time you will have a winner landing page on your side.

So now when you are creating your new landing page keep these 8 points in mind.

A lot of information about Instagram Marketing and Social Media Marketing is available in this playlist so don’t miss to watch it.

And whatever I have mentioned with that increase effectiveness of your landing page.

Good Luck.

0:00 Introduction – make your landing pages effective
0:32 What is a landing page?
1:25 Focus on above the fold
1:48 Match the promise of ad or social content
2:14 Take a minimalist approach
2:27 Use social proof
3:00 Make landing page mobile-friendly
3:21 Keep your form short
3:44 Keep your content concise
4:01 Go for A/B Test

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