Kartra Click-To-Call (tel) And Click-To-Text (sms) Buttons And Links

UPDATE: There is a newer version of this video at https://youtu.be/Hj2aZ1yjIYw

This video visually demonstrates how to create click-to-call (tel) and click-to-text (sms) buttons and links in the Kartra Page Builder.

You can use the same process for click-to-email; just use
(the ?subject=… part is optional) as the final URL.


0:00 Creating text links
0:59 Reviewing button configuration
1:15 Setting temporary http links
2:09 Editing the section HTML
3:03 Hovering to verify button links
3:12 Saving the buttons section for reuse


The “call me” button uses the “phone” icon; the “text me” button uses the “mobile phone” icon.

Ctrl-F (for PC) or Cmd-F (for Mac) can help you locate the “tel” and “sms” links in the section HTML when editing.

By saving the section with the buttons to your favorites (as shown), you can drag the section from favorites onto any page and drag (or copy and drag) the buttons to wherever you need them.

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