JTL-Shop 5 Live-Chat Software Smartsupp – How to add your own Live Chat function in your JTL-Shop

How to build in your own SmartSupp Live Chat in your JTL-Shop 5. That’s the topic of this JTL-Shop tutorial.
Sign up for free on SmartSupp, copy the chat code and integrate it in your own shop.

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► Looking JTL Servicepartner?: https://ebakery-agency.com/jtl-software-service-partner/
► More on JTL-Shop 5: https://ebakery.de/jtl-shop-5/
► How to install JTL-Shop 5?: https://ebakery.de/jtl-shop-5-installieren/

00:00 Intro
00:18 Smartsupp Live Chat
00:35 Sign up
00:46 Customise appearance
01:14 Copy the code for your shop
01:48 Open the codwe with Sublime
02:23 Re-integrate the file
02:36 Check the result
02:45 Outro

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