Jina AI – Engineering All Hands (Apr. 13, 2021, Speaker: Sebastian Ramirez, Host: Alex C-G)

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Jina AI Engineering All Hands is an online meeting for all in house engineers and community enthusiasts. In this meeting, we include technical Q&A sessions, product discussions, engineering show & tell, review of relevant pull requests, or general updates etc..
In this All Hands, we have special guest Sebastián Ramírez, the creator of FastAPI.

This Zoom meeting recurs monthly on the second Tuesday, 14:00-15:30 (CET). Everyone is welcome to join in via the following calendar invite at: https://jina.ai/events

Jina: https://github.com/jina-ai/jina
FastAPI: https://fastapi.tiangolo.com/


00:20 Start

03:43 Tips from FastAPI and Typer for other developer tools by Sebastian


54:08 How do you maintain your magnificent mustache?

54:45 What is the best way to unit test a fastAPI app’s endpoints?

55:35 Why haven’t you released its 1.0 yet and what other features would make it suitable for a 1.0?

Panel: Han x Sebastian (Ask FastAPI Anything)

59:07 When facing mixed feedback while you share FastAPI online, what drives you forward? (Han)

1:01:54 Why did you start FastAPI? What was it like before FastAPI? (Audience)

1:03:36 What would do differently if time rewinds back to the first day when you start FastAPI? (Han)

1:06:38 Do you think funding in the early stage will help you? If so, where do you want to spend money on?

1:09:25 FastAPI relies on type annotations a lot. But it’s not well-accepted in Python’s history. Is FastAPI’s success a sign that Python should embrace strong typing?

1:12:53 What are the major hurdles when building an REST API for a ML backend? Why is FastAPI so appealing to ML use cases? (Audience)

1:17:19 How did you spread the word about FastAPI to have achieved such a size of developer community? (Han)

1:20:10 How do you make effective decisions as a maintainer / architect while so many people are trying to contribute? (Han)

1:23:28 How do you handle relations with your upstream (external dependencies) / downstream? Take Starlette as an example (Han)

1:28:00 Biggest challenges for FastAPI at the moment? (Han)

1:29:50 Is GraphQL already on the roadmap of FastAPI? (Audience)

1:30:58 What is the relevance of Flask in future wrt FastAPI in your opinion? (Audience)

1:32:34 Python and Go both have many web libraries, which is the better choice to build REST API? (Audience)

1:35:04 Any suggestions to OSS enthusiasts? (Han)

1:36:14 Wrap up question: open source makes me ___ & ___? (Han)

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