Jarvis.ai + Copyscape = 100% Plagiarism Free Content Written by AI

From the desk of Dave Rogenmoser
CEO of Jarvis.ai
Austin, TX

Plagiarism Checker is Live inside Documents!

Jarvis Nation – We’ve integrated Copyscape into our product, so now you’ll have the world’s most powerful plagiarism checker right inside Jarvis, at your beck and call.

AND, we’re eating 20% of the cost for you so it’s even cheaper than using it directly inside Copyscape.

How it works:
1. Inside of a document, click the Plagiarism checker button in the top right toolbar.
2. Add credits to your Jarvis Wallet

Choose the text you want to check:
– To check all the text in a document, click Scan document.
– To limit a plagiarism check to a smaller section, highlight a section of text and click Scan selected text.

If text is found elsewhere, you’ll see the text and site appear in a dropdown. You can visit that site through the provided links.

If you choose, you can then edit the text of your document to remove any sentences found on other sites.

Plagiarism checks are an optional add-on to any plan.
Searches cost $.03 for the first 200 words plus $.01 for each additional 100 words. Plagiarism check credits can be added to your account starting at $10.

BONUS: For a limited time, we’re giving you 20% more credits on top of whatever you add to your account.

ie. Add $10 in credits to your account, we give you $2 free.
Try it out and give us feedback on how we can improve it. This is an early release and we’re going to keep improving it to make it even easier for you to use.

Step-by-Step Written Guide: https://help.jarvis.ai/article/398-using-the-plagiarism-checker


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